The pains of being a Canadian shopper

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I was all set to buy my favourite auntie one of her favourite items – the fantastic Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cleanser.


I usually get it from Nordstroms because they have free shipping. But sadly, Nordstroms was out of stock so I had to come up with a new plan.

I tried Amazon, but unfortunately the Canadian version of Amazon super sucks and the Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cleanser was priced at $67.74… nearly three times the regular price.

So I decided to check out, but the shipping would have ended up costing just as much as the product, if not more.

I finally had the genius idea to buy it from Aveda’s actual website. The US site had a good price, free shipping, and free bonus samples.
So I quickly placed my order and felt great that I scored a deal.

Or, so I thought.

It turns out my order was cancelled because you can’t use an international billing address on the Aveda website.
Even though I was using a US shipping address. Weird, right? I mean, who cares where they get their money from?
Apparently Aveda does.
I tried calling them for support. The “helpful” customer service rep did the “Oh, sorry it has to be a US billing address”. But she didn’t explain why or attempt to help me in the slightest.
Why do they even have a customer service line? At least give me some sort of alternative. But no, she just sort of waited awkwardly until I hung up out of frustration.

I decided to go ahead and buy the cleanser through Aveda’s Canadian website even though the product was 30% more expensive and they did not offer free shipping.
I input all my info to find out they wouldn’t ship to the US. So I would have to pay to have it shipped to me, then I would have to ship it to my auntie in the states, thereby paying to ship it twice.
This option sucked for obvious reasons. I still would have went for it, except with xmas fast approaching, I didn’t think it would get to her in time.

Okay. The US site won’t allow a Canadian billing address, and the Canadian site won’t ship to the US….so…?
Who designed this stupid company? Doesn’t Aveda know segregation is so passé?

By this point I knew I would have to go the old school route. And actually venture out to find the product.
Of course, it had just snowed the day before and it was the Saturday after Black Friday. Neither of those made for an ideal shopping day, but I braved going out to the nearest mall in hopes of finding the cleanser.

The first store I inquired at went something like this:
L: Hello, do you carry the Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cleanser?
Yes, we have Aveda.
L: Um, that’s nice. I’m looking for the Caribbean Therapy Body Cleanser.
The cleaner?
Let me check
(waiting, waiting, waiting)
Yes, we carry it.
L:Great! I’ll take one.
Oh, it’s out of stock right now.

Wow, thank you. That exchange was a very interesting use of both my time and hers.

The second store I went to had plenty in stock.
And it was on sale.
And I didn’t have to wait in line.
And the sale people were polite, efficient, and helpful.

Good job Ecotique! You actually improved my holiday shopping experience. Which is apparently impossible for everyone else.

Lesson learned, shopping online is not always the greatest. I will never try to use the Aveda website ever again.

I hope my auntie loves her cleanser.



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2 Responses to The pains of being a Canadian shopper

  1. Mary says:

    If this weren’t so funny–especially the way you write it–it would be really sad. Thank you for going to so much trouble–it’s actually the ONLY tube of body cleanser I got this year. I consider the blog an important part of the present! Xxxxxooooo

  2. Lynn says:

    Ha! I knew you would appreciate this!
    I will just have to move to HI to buy all your presents easily and efficiently from now on!

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