Start a resolution

I just realized New Year’s is coming up fast and I have no plans.
I also have no resolutions.

Traditionally, my past resolutions have been:

1- to keep being awesome
2- to not get any haircuts

I like both of these because they require little and/or no effort on my part and they are free. All I have to do is not suck and refrain from letting someone take scissors to my hair. But, admittedly, those are not actually resolutions that better myself or the world.

Alan has inspired me to try harder and think of something worthwhile.
Last year he resolved to actually appreciate the nice days in autumn.
This is fantastic for a few reasons:

1- very little effort is involved to meet the resolved goal.
2- you don’t have to do anything for the first 9 months of the year.
3- It is actually a positive goal.

Alan is putting a positive spin on the way he views the world.
In the past, he has scoffed at nice days in late autumn thinking ‘minus 20 degrees and a foot of snow is right around the corner’.
So, instead of wasting autumn by dreading upcoming winter, he has decided to appreciate what he has right now instead of worrying about the inevitable.

What a smart guy, aways finding the ol’ silver lining.

New Year’s resolutions have a super high rate of failure so I don’t want to be silly and say I’m going to climb Kilimanjaro or be the next Mother Theresa or anything nuts.
But maybe I’ll resolve to surf more this year. I went surfing a total of zero times last year.
Which is completely unacceptable.
Or maybe I’ll go to the dentist for a change. Is that a resolution? I’ll be bettering my teeth. Does that count?

Then again, I might just stick with my regular commitment to staying totally awesome. It’s been working pretty well for me so far.

You ever know when inspiration will strike. I still have 2 days to come up with something good.


And if you need inspiration for something actually do-able… here is the perfect list of resolution ideas for you!


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2 Responses to Start a resolution

  1. Susan says:

    I resolved to keep track of a couple of things. Not to exercise more or drink less or lose X pounds, or . . . , just to keep track. Keeping track helps to inspire better behaviour so you can write down something you like, but it doesn’t actually obligate you to do anything difficult. Still, Alan’s is better; I wonder what he’ll choose for an encore this year.

  2. Mary says:

    “Keep being awesome” is actually a pretty big resolution, considering all the things you have to do (and not do) to accomplish the goal. So far, so good for you! How about something like an hour of volunteer work a month for, say, an animal shelter? Small, measurable, doable. Or a secret good deed each month–something nice you do for someone but never tell anyone about. Of course, your #1 resolution should be the surfing one…in Hawaii!

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