Missionary’s Downfall

Summer’s just around the corner (depending on where you live….) so I am recommending this amazing tropical treat: the Missionary’s Downfall
This drink was originally invented in the late 30’s by Don the Beachcomber, and we can’t thank him enough for that.

I am always too lazy to use my blender, so I made adjustments for people who are equally lazy.  Here, I present two different ways to make this rum-based super drink.
One needs a blender. One does not.

Real version with a blender:
1oz light rum (Puerto Rican rum works best, if you can get ahold of it)
1oz peach liqueur
1/2 oz lime juice (best if freshly juiced…. but who has time for that? I use bottled stuff)
1/2oz honey
2oz fresh, ripe pineapple
5 fresh mint leaves (is a lot of mint, you might want to tone it down)
6oz cracked ice.

Blenderize all ingredients on high until it’s like a cup of green snow.


Blender-less, lazy method:
Mint leaves, muddled
1oz Light rum
1oz Peach liqueur
2oz Pineapple juice
1/2oz Lime juice
Ice, ice, ice
Fill glass with soda water

This is a perfect summer drink for ten thousand reasons.
Just drink it.
You will love it.
Even if you make it the lazy way.
I promise.

It’s light and refreshing and impossible to share – I don’t care who says it’s a drink that serves two, get your own damned drink.

Please note: Half the reason I love this drink is because of the name.


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