It’s that time of year, everyone is graduating. Which usually means I am green with envy watching my friends enjoy their continued education. But this time, I’ve decided to be motivated instead of just envious.

I loved school. I miss school. And I feel as though I am getting dumber by the day hanging out with a baby.
So I have decided to better myself (using the term “better” pretty loosely here) by signing up for an online course in….
Animal Psychology

Now, I originally signed up for this class as a joke. Especially since the “institution” I’m taking the course with is not exactly an upstanding university.

Doing this course is along the same vein as when I was ordained online. Just something weird, but true, that I could have on my resume, if I wanted.

Or the time I auditioned to be on Wipeout!  So I could meet Jonathan Torrens and get a free trip to Brazil.

Well, the ridiculous need to try something new and silly just popped up again. So now I’m in the process of getting a certificate in Animal Psychology.

I currently have all the time in world to sit at home and read about animals and take tests online. And I am killing it with a 94% average in the course right now.

So hit me up if you are having troubles with your dog, cat, or bunny rabbit.

I’d be happy to help out!

I am also taking suggestions for a business name for my new project. So far I am thinking of Psych (as a shoutout to the TV show, which is also fairly ridiculous).

But in all seriousness, I love animals with all my heart and I love learning. So this course is perfect for me. Not that I exactly have plans to become the next Dog Whisperer or anything. But who knows where life will take you, so it’s good to be ready for anything!

BTW – Business is booming, so be sure to refer your friends to me!

Pet Psych

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2 Responses to PET PSYCH

  1. Mary says:

    I didn’t know you loved school and missed it! Well, be sure to tell me when you learn why Elsie keeps her tummy bald all the time….

    xoxoxo Mary

  2. Lynn Bee says:

    Poor Elsie!
    It’s probably just over-grooming because she’s a nervous/stressed/anxious little lady. Give her extra cuddles to help keep her calm and confident!

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