Mint Cubes

A simple trick to jazz up any drink instantly!


My friend came over and brought me a pack of fresh Mint so we could make the delicious Missionary’s Downfall.
After using approximately 12 leaves to make the drinks I was stuck with about ten thousand leftover mint leaves.
As an avid non-cooker, I was a stumped with what to do with all the mint and was sad to think of it wasting away in my fridge.
Then I stumbled across this great idea:

Mint infused ice cubes!

I promptly washed the mint and jammed it into my ice cube trays. Ripping up the huge leaves and discarding the stems as I went. Then I added water and popped it into the freezer.

Now I have tasty mint cubes to add to most any drink!
Water, cocktails, fruit juice, coffee, hot chocolate. It can all benefit from a hit of icy cool mint.
The minty goodness starts off mild and slowly intensifies as the cube melts.

And I didn’t waste all the mint! Hooray for everything!

But of course my boyfriend is all “uhhhh, I don’t really like mint”.
Too bad, dummy! You should have told me that before I filled all our ice trays with mint.

Also, what do you mean? Everyone likes mint.

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2 Responses to Mint Cubes

  1. Mary says:

    Hahaha! Ed is so funny and you are even more. I hope you’re having a happy first Mother’s Day!

  2. Lynn Bee says:

    Thanks Mary!
    I love him so much that I made him a special tray of cucumber icecubes ;)
    Now he won’t have to deal with all the delicious mint.

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