Happy Fat!

So, as a last minute addition to our Father’s Day fun – I decided to go out and grab a cake. The cake shop was totally packed with a million idiots doing the same thing as me.
The workers were swamped, but doing the best they could and the line was moving pretty quickly.
Once I got to the front of the line, this is the exchange that took place:

Me: I’d like this cake
Worker: Okay, do you want any writing on it?
Me: No writing, thanks. But can I get this photo put on it (pointing to photo from their catalogue).
Worker: No, sorry we are not doing any special orders today, it’s too busy.
This was totally understandable as they were super busy.
But THEN she said:

We’re not even doing any cake writing today.

Me: Okay, but didn’t you just….?
I turn to look at the worker next to us, painstakingly writing on a cake.
He hears our conversation, immediately stops what he’s doing, puts the cake in a box, and hands it to the customer, saying: We’re not doing any cake writing today.

And she gets stuck with a cake that says:

For real.

What the hell is going on at this cake store?!
I feel bad for the guy who’s getting that cake.
I also wish I had the authority to just fire people for terrible (albeit hilarious) customer service.

This┬áreminds me of the time I wanted a special birthday cake with an inside joke written on it. I asked for “Have an anal birthday” and the place refused, saying it was a family establishment.
What the what?
Is that actually offensive? I wasn’t going to show the cake around to the nearby children or anything.

But this exchange also reminded me of Cake Wrecks, which I love and used to peruse all the time.
I should have taken a picture of the FAT cake today, as well as the look on the customer’s face.

It was pretty great.

HAPPY FAT, everyone!


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