Tip of the week: Toothy Tabs

Tip of the week

Tip of the Week: Alternate packaging!

This series is all about how to reduce your reliance on plastics. And the tip of the week is to seek out alternative packaging.

Lately I have been looking at alternatives to my traditionally packaged products.
Some of the worst offenders are products that come in mixed material packaging that is not recyclable.

Mixed material packaging is often plastic-foil wrappers (like those used for for candy bars and potato chip bags). An easy solution there is just not to buy these items.

But sometimes mixed packaging is hard to avoid. I’ve been fretting over my toothpaste tube for a while now and wondering if there is an alternative (short of making my own toothpaste).

LUSH cosmetics carries a product called Toothy Tabs. These dry tabs come in a paper box and are: lightweight, vegan, and travel friendly.


First of all, toothy tabs are not mints. Follow the instructions for proper use or you will be sorry!

You crunch up the dry tab in your teeth, then use a wet toothbrush to create the foam, and brush as per usual.

The tabs come in a variety of intriguing flavours and I am currently trying 4 of the 7 available flavours (including lemon, pepper, rose, and clove). I am still a little unsure if I love them or hate them, but they are definitely interesting!

Though the Toothy Tabs are an alternative to traditional toothpaste – they are packed with Sodium Lauroyl Sarosinate. This, and other sodium lauroyl surfactants, are common in soaps, toothpastes and shampoos – it’s the ingredient that creates the foaming action. Unfortunately,  these are a really bad polluter of waterways.  
And at $5 for 40 tabs, these are not ideal for the old bank account.
But let’s focus on one issue at a time. At least LUSH is working on the packaging issue – this small paper box is made from recycled paper, and is easily recyclable!


Have you tried Toothy Tabs? What are your thoughts?
Or do you have your own alternative for the regular toothpaste tube?



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4 Responses to Tip of the week: Toothy Tabs

  1. Perisosos says:

    I travelled with them. I need to use these combined with regular toothpaste as if I only use these my teeth hurt after about a week. I started doing 4 days then regular toothpaste and then 4 days.
    Maybe look into home maid toothpaste recipes too? There are some that are toothbrush dippers and sort of loose powder.

  2. Chelsra says:

    Have you tried brushing your teeth using Dr Bronners liquid soap? I tried the peppermint and it wasn’t too bad. I can’t remember if it foamed up much as it was a couple years ago that I tried it…but it might be worth giving it a shot? You only need a wee bit, so the liquid would/could last you ages if you only used it for the teeth.

  3. Lynn Bee says:

    The Dr. Bronners doesn’t have any SLS in the ingredients, so they are good in that way. And they are a good sort of all purpose soap (toothpaste, hand soap, body wash, shampoo, dish soap) so definitely a good option in some cases (such as camping). I might give that a try.And Dr. Bronners is also available in a huge 1 gallon size bottle! Thanks Chels!

  4. Lynn Bee says:

    Perisosos – I alternate between using the tabs and trying to use up my other toothpastes.
    Some users recommend using only half a tab. That might help you! Or maybe try a different flavour?

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