Gifts for all!

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I have decided that presents make everything more fun!

Everyone that donates to my Paws for a Cause Walk for the BC SPCA, will get a little thank you gift in the mail from me!

I get a great sense of reward and accomplishment from the act of donating, fundraising, and knowing I’m helping those in need. And I want you to let you all know how great it feels to have you onboard with me.
I think fundraising/donating should be fun for everyone!

The fun starts on the donation page: You can pick any name you want for the publicly shown donor name. In the past “Cthulhu”, “Michael Jackson”, and even “Macho Man Randy Savage” have been listed as my past supporters. So think of something wacky and get on my Fundraising Honour Roll with your chosen name!

But the fun doesn’t stop there!
If you make a donation (no matter the amount), just let me know your mailing address and thank you fun will be mailed to you shortly!

Beyond that, you will have that happy warm glowing feeling that comes with helping animals in need.

AND a tax receipt if you donate $20 or more!
…and though a tax receipt might not be a great motivator to those of you in the US, please keep in mind you have a different incentive.
Right now our dollar is so sucky, that your fat American dollars are super valuable! For example, if you made a donation of $20 CAD, it would only cost you $15.34 USD
Is that a great deal or what?!

Fun and good vibes all around!


I am already 1/3 of the way to my goal, so thank you so much to those who have already contributed!

For the rest of you, your present and my eternal gratitude await!

You can jump to my donation page right here to help all the critters of BC (domestic, wild, and farm).

Please contact me if you would prefer to make a donation offline or if you would like to join us for the walk!

Thank you from the bottom of our animal loving hearts!

–Lynn and Koa

domestic love

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