Rocked the walk!

Hi Everyone,

This past weekend was our big walk for the BC SPCA!
It was a beautiful sunny day (and, of course, breezy by the water).
We had a good time and Koa liked seeing all the dogs!

I didn’t have an actual dog to walk for the event, so Koa acted as an excellent substitute:


Altogether you, Koa, and I raised $905 for the BC SPCA (British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). This placed us squarely as the number 3 highest fundraisers in the city. Amazing!

To help break it down, the $905 can do all this:

~ 13 kittens being fixed (spayed or neutered)

~ 11 puppies being fixed (spayed or neutered)

~ 58 bales of Timothy Hay for the small animals

~ 129 bags of cat litter (40lb bags of pine litter)

~ 1606 loads of laundry

~ 90,500 pieces of printer paper

~ 301 bags of cat treats

The participants in the city of Richmond walk raised a grand total of $17,406 for the animals, so we played a substantial role. A big shout out to everyone who donated, walked, and helped fundraise!

Thank you so much for all your generous donations and heartfelt support!
It really meant a lot to me (and made a great difference to the animals in need).

-If you wanted to make a donation, but forgot – please let me know. You can still contribute!
-If you never got your letter/thank you gift from me, give me a holler and I’ll get it sorted.
-If you want to continue to support the SPCA throughout the year or choosing another animal friendly organization that is more your cup of tea, I have tips on figuring that out for you.
-If you loved your thank you gift/card, let me know! I might have an extra I can send you.

Again thank you so much for your support!

Here are some pics from the big day:

Koa gears up early by getting his tail wagging!


And by mid morning is practicing in his full puppy outfit (pictured at the top of the post)

We arrive to walk at exactly naptime, so Koa is fa bit of a Grumpelstiltskin:


But he still has enough energy to wander around and meet some of the real dogs (though all those pictures are terrible, so here’s one of him standing alone with dogs in the background):


We might have taken a bit of a shortcut to speed the walk along…..but, nevertheless, we made it to the finish line!


And the walk was in Garry point park in beautiful Steveston, so it was lovely!


And windy along the water’s edge!

Thanks again to all of you for your support!

Much Love,
Lynn and Koa

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2 Responses to Rocked the walk!

  1. Susan says:

    What a lovely report: congratulations on #3 and thanks for the great pic of your new puppy. I hope he liked the outfit enough to wear it for Halloween.

  2. Lucilene says:

    Claire has posted on fcbaeook that all the dogs have been found and are at the SPCA in Montreal for the night. It seems they were left tied up in a park, for which everyone is grateful.

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