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With Mother’s Day coming up I am realizing how important it is to mark an appreciation for your mother.
I look to all my friends and see what they are going through as new moms and think how they deserve a card, a cake, a gift, a bloody medal for all they go through.

Sleepless nights, careers on hold, ruined bodies, mental stress, financial strain.
Not to mention all the little things…..Like having someone pee and barf on you all the time.

Is being a mom hard? Yes.
Is being a mom awesome? Yes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want a little extra appreciation.

Moms often feel under appreciated and I got all grumpy thinking about this.
Why is that?
Are our families ungrateful jerks?
Not necessarily.
But as I think ahead to Mother’s Day and want to buy cards and gifts, I find little available.
I will have to wait until the mass wave of chocolate bunnies and easter egg dye kits are removed from shelves. But even then, promotion will be weak and selection will be limited. I mean it’s only like a month away and nobody’s even mentioned it yet.
If Christmas was only 4 weeks away we would already be sick of the holiday music.

I don’t fully blame checked out husbands or self absorbed children for the lack of mom appreciation. I place the blame for this squarely on the retailer.
Why isn’t there a bigger push to show moms the love?
Mother’s day could be just as love filled as Valentine’s Day. But it’s not.
I asked my preferred card shop when they would be getting their Mother’s Day cards in, and they told me they aren’t getting any. Ever. 
Even shops that do stock cards don’t have a good variety. What about godmothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, or people you wish were your mom because they are just the best ever?!

If the retail industry is going to drop the ball, then I guess it’s up to each and every one of us.

Show your mom you care!
Show someone else’s mom you care!
Show someone who acted as a motherly guide that you care!


Mother’s Day is on May 8th and I’m gonna be sharing the love for all whole lotta moms in my life, I hope you do the same.

And if no one is showing you the love, treat yourself!

Little Jonny wants new shoes? Instead, get yourself some chocolates.
Suzy wants ballet lessons? Too bad Suzy, Mommy deserves a pedicure.
The family wants dinner out? Suck it, Mom got herself some flowers and went out to the movies. Alone.

If you need suggestions about what to get a mom for mother’s day…Ask her.

Or go for one of these fun ideas:
Edible arrangements
Charmed Aroma
Or even search for Spa ideas here

Are you flat broke?
Make a mom dinner, clean her house, or just visit her and tell her she’s cool.
She was probably pretty cool before she started hanging out with a baby every day.

Even if you don’t totally think your mom is the greatest person on planet earth, it would be nice to acknowledge the fact that she tried her best to keep you alive while you had no regard whatsoever for your own safety.

Make her a card that says:

Thanks for feeding me vegetables instead of those tasty paint chips I had my eye on.


Good call on teaching me not to play in the street. I’m glad you were in charge while I was busy not paying attention.

Do it. ‘Cause being a mom is darn tough and you were probably kind of a brat.


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3 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. Mary says:

    Extremely cool, Lynnie!

  2. Sharon Loren says:

    Great comment about remembering those who aren’t your “real” mom. EVERYONE enjoys some appreciation!

  3. Susan says:

    Giving your mom some giggles and an outright laugh plus thinking of her (me) while you’re going through your own mothering experience are delightful gifts – thanks.

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