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Saving Dory

  Meet the beautiful Royal Blue Tang. This stunning fish is known by many names: palette surgeonfish, paracanthurus, powder blue tang, hippo tang, blue surgeonfish, regal tang, blue tang. The Blue Tang is found throughout the world and is fairly … Continue reading

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Toddler eats

Koa just had a taste of my fried puffed gluten and was all “MMMMMMmmmmmmmm!” and he proceeded to eat more and more and more until there was nothing left for me. On one hand: Great! Eat it up! Get big … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week: Sorting

I used to really resent all the steps in recycling. Rinse out the container, remove the lid, remove the label, flatten, put in proper receptacle, etc. None of these steps are really that hard, but it just seemed as though … Continue reading

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