Saving Dory



Meet the beautiful Royal Blue Tang. This stunning fish is known by many names: palette surgeonfish, paracanthurus, powder blue tang, hippo tang, blue surgeonfish, regal tang, blue tang.

The Blue Tang is found throughout the world and is fairly common.
It’s even common in the aquarium trade, though it’s consider a “fragile” fish. The Tang easily becomes ill, prone to parasitic infections and lateral line disease.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the Disney movie “Finding Dory” could mean absolute disaster for this fragile and beautiful species.

The upcoming movie release on June 17th will mean every kid aged 3-12 will be wanting a Blue Tang.
Just as during Easter, every kid wants a bunny.
If this sounds silly to you, think back to finding Nemo in 2003, there was a huge boom of Clownfish sales.

Back then it was fair easy for suppliers and petshops to meet the demand as Clownfish can be bred in tanks.
However, the Tang cannot be bred in captivity and must be caught in the wild.

This means their numbers could be decimated by this fleeting but overwhelming new interest in the fish and that also means trouble for aquatic ecosystems.
The Tang is important for coral health as it eats algae that may otherwise choke it by overgrowth.


It’s important to teach kids responsible pet guardianship.

It’s a big responsibility to care for a pet.
Any pet.
It means cleaning, feeding, research, vet appointments, and a whole host of other aspects you never even thought of.

If a captive Tang survives its ineveitable bout with marine ich, it can grow to be happy and healthy.
And aggressive.
Tangs aren’t supposed to be in the same tank as other types of fish and they need a large tank with lots of room to swim.
Also, the Tang feeds constantly and needs a very specific herbivore diet that contains Spirulina Algae.

If you are not prepared to handle this fish properly, do not get one.

Getting a pet because of a fad is not a good idea. If your child is too young to understand this concept, YOU need to understand the concept.

The Tang as a pet is not a responsible choice.

It’s not fair to individual animal, to the Tangs as an entire species, or to the environment they came from.

If your kids are crazy for Dory and really want to show their love, please buy them a super cute stuffed Dory they can cuddle at night. 
Not a sad fish in a tank that probably won’t last a month.



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  1. Susan says:

    OK, I promise not to get a blue tang. Admittedly, I wasn’t tempted anyway – but you make excellent points about many pets, especially those that shouldn’t be pets at all.

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