“Taco” fest

I attended Tacofest 2016 in Burnaby yesterday.
To summarize the entire event in one word:

The weather was perfect. I got to hang out with some great friends. See some bands. Play with my son on the lush green grass in the middle of the stadium.

So what was there to complain about?

Well, specifically the taco aspect of Tacofest… or lack thereof.

The event was scheduled from noon until 10pm and we arrived at 5:30. Smack dab in the middle of the event and prime taco eating time.

However, of the THREE taco vendors at the event:

-One was sold out and shut down
-One was seriously overpriced and fish only
-One had a line over an hour long

Standing in line for an hour with a toddler is not an option (seriously, an hour – people were sitting on chairs in the lineup which stretched across the whole stadium) .
So I got a $6 “veggie” taco from the overpriced fish place.
Their veggie tacos were the fish taco, sans fish. Just tomato and corn.

I wouldn’t refer to this Festival as Tacofest. Not even a little bit.

There were a few other good things to eat, like mini doughnuts and fresh lemonade. But this wasn’t supposed to be Lemonadefest 2016.

By 7pm they were announcing that all the vendors were almost out of food. So instead of restocking or having any sort of back up plan, it was all a big SCREW YOU to anyone who arrived after 4pm that day.

On the way to the event I joked that it might just be a TacoTime stand and we laughed and laughed.
I would have happily eaten TacoTime instead of attending this Festival.

As a member of the Taco Police Task Force, I deem this event a crime against tacos.


A really poorly managed event.

Why weren’t popular vendors like Tacofino, Budgie’s Burritos, and Chronic Tacos there?

Disappointment all around, I won’t be back next year, and I want my $16 entrance fee back.

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  1. Bemis says:

    La Taqueria, Bandidas, El Camino, Sal Y Limon, Cartel Taco! The list goes on. I was hoping to be drowning in tacos deliciousness and waking up after being in a taco induced coma.

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