For the Animals: Status update!


My upcoming BC SPCA walk is  looming and we are in striking distance of making our stretch goal of $1200 big, huge, animal loving dollars!
A huge thank you to everyone who’s already made a donation.
You guys have really rocked my socks with your big hearts and awesome generosity!
And I’m hoping you are all loving your silly little thank you gifts.

Though my stretch goal is wildly ambitious, I am currently the number one fundraiser in the city and am confident I can stay there with your continued generosity and loving support!

The BC SPCA works hard to provide loving care for all animals in need across our province. Our domestic friends, wild animals, farm animals, and those in zoos.


So please consider making a small (or huge!) donation to this cause, sharing my donation page with your friends, family, and anyone you know who is a big old softy for animals.

All the cash donated goes straight to  BC SPCA to help run their educational programs, pay for veterinary assistance to animals, investigate claims of animal cruelty, and helps keep shelters open.

If you would prefer to show your support by making a donation offline, or by walking with us – please give me a shout. I would be happy to facilitate.

And yes, I still have loads of fun gifts for those who are going to be making donations!

The walk is happening on September 11th. So get ready for some fun pics of Koa dressed as a cat and being chased by dogs!

You can check out my donation page here to support the animals, the SPCA, and our walk:

Red Fox

And if you are not keen to donate to this fundraising campaign, feel free to email me and let me know why or tell me if there is another animal charity closer to your heart that you would prefer!

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