The Terry Fox Run

I have decided to participate in the Terry Fox run this year.



For those of you who do not know:

Terry Fox was a Canadian teenager diagnosed with bone cancer in 1977. After having his leg amputated and seeing the suffering of fellow cancer patients, he decided to raise money for cancer research by running across Canada. His journey would be called the Marathon of Hope.

He ran one marathon a day for 143 days straight. After running a total of 5,373 kilometres he was forced to stop running when cancer was found in his lungs. He passed away in 1981 at age 22.

As a child, I participated in the Terry Fox School Runs in elementary, and I still have fond memories of being part of something bigger than ourselves. The importance of the run towered above the standard daily curriculum, making it seem to be one of the most significant events of the school-year. Maintaining the Terry Fox legacy is strong part of Canadian history and I am happy to support it now, as I was then.

It was Terry’s wish that his name be used strictly to help raise funds to support discovery based research. He also requested $1 from each of us. This is something that sounds so simple and I feel compelled to carry on with this hopeful goal.

The Terry Fox foundation is set up in such a way that 84 cents of each dollar goes to cancer research and there are strict rules in place for advertising, donations, and fundraising. The foundation still adheres to Terry’s wishes and that resonates strongly with me.

My grandmother suffered through breast cancer and I’m sure you know and love someone who has been impacted by cancer as well. This cause hits close to home for many of us.

I am not currently in any sort of shape to be running, but I am driven to do what I feel is right. Hopefully, I will be motivated by your support to be in better shape by this time next year. Either way, I have 2 weeks to get my butt in gear for the run this year!

I deeply hope to see some of you support me, either financially, in person at the run, as a virtual cheerleader, or otherwise.

Here is my fundraising page if you would like to sponsor my attempt at running:

Though Terry asked for $1 from each of us, he wanted no one to be turned away if they could not afford to participate. So, if anyone wants to join me for an attempt at running, it’s free to enter!

My goal this year is modest, and I would be thrilled to reach it, so please sponsor me if you can.

Lots of love,


For more info on the event, check out:


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