Shaving Sucks



I’ve never really minded shaving.
But I hate the aftermath.
I get rashes, razor burn, ingrown hair, cuts, bumps, all the sucky things.
It doesn’t matter how good the razor is, how hot the water is, how long I soak, how good of a soap or cream I use, with the grain, against the grain, 1 blade, 5 blades, balm, lotion. Even if I only go over the area one time, I still get all the skin problems and only like half the hair gets shaved off. I need to pass over certain areas like 5 times. ANd then I’m itchy as all hell the next day.
Waxing works well, but the hair has to grow out so much first, it seems sort of pointless. And it effing hurts.
Plus, both waxing and shaving are expensive AND shaving is really eco-unfriendly.
I have been talking to friends recently and many of them feel the same way. As well as the feeling that (beyond the skin irritation) shaving is just another chore that needs to be done.
Like folding laundry and taking out the trash…. who has time for more chores?! Not someone with a job and a kid – that’s for sure!

Shaving started like 5,000 years ago. In that vast expanse of time it seems like at least 2 things should have happened by now:

1- We should have gotten over the social stigma of shaving being “cleaner”.

2- We should have developed a better method of hair removal. Sure there are waxes, and lasers, but the vast majority of us still just wet shave with a razor.

I know that since we are so evolved now and needn’t care about silly social expectations, I should just let me hair grow wild and free…. but I can’t get over how unappealing it looks and feels. Especially along the bikini line. Who wants to see a luscious mane of pubes flowing flow out the sides of my swimsuit?
No one.
That’s who.


So I decided to take the leap and try an at home pulse light hair remover product.
This method sends out pulses of light energy which are absorbed by the hair pigment and then transformed into heat which disables the hair growth.

The first con was the price, at $250+ this was going to be a bit of an investment. But I figure, if it works, that’s the cost of shaving (razors, creams, lotions, etc) for just a couple years.

The first plus was that the shipping was free and it was delivered to my house in under a week.

The second con was finding out I couldn’t use it on the skin near my eyes, so I am still stuck with my amazing unibrow. Nor can my zapper be used on men’s beards, blond hair, dark skin pigments, or tanned skin…. sorry, half the population. Seems this method is not for you.


Third con was finding out the areas you are going to treat have to be shaved. What???? What the heck is the point of this product?
I know…eventually (in like six months from now) it’s to have the hair fully and permanently removed. But in the meantime, you still need to shave before you zap.

Reading the instruction manual was terrifying (as it is with most products). You might get pain, burns, or blisters.
Though the ads claim “painless” the manual stated “mild discomfort” …. and we all know what that means, right? Horrible torture. You might pass out from the pain. Especially since you plan on using it in delicate areas.

I turned the device on and was totally freaked out when the built in fan turned on. I took a deep breath and I started zapping away, beginning with my underarms and moving on the bikini, knees, and those 2 darn hairs growing out of my toe.
A few of the spots felt a little warm during the treatment. But overall, I agree with their claim of painless/mild discomfort. A huge relieving pro for this product and method.

You’re not supposed to zap the same area twice in the same treatment session, so it’s hard for me to tell if I’m getting all the spots, or if I’ll end up with weird patchy half hairless armpits…. I guess I’ll find out.

I’m only targeting certain areas, so the entire process took like 10 minutes. If you wanted to do everything it would probably take closer to 30 mins.

Treatments are initially every 2 weeks, then monthly. So I’ll check back in and let you know.

If the initial target areas I want to handle go well, I’m probably just do my legs for the heck of it, even though they don’t have a bad reaction to shaving like the rest of my body. And for now, I’m avoiding tattooed areas, because I don’t think it will work and I don’t want to mess up my skin arts.

I look forward to being hairless from the cheekbones down.


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4 Responses to Shaving Sucks

  1. Mary Cole says:

    Or you could just wait until you get old and no longer have any hormones to speak of
    And those random hairs stop growing.

  2. Farah says:

    I thought about getting one so am curious about your experience

  3. Lynn Bee says:

    What? I thought those hairs got worse with age! what about all those guys with tufts of ear and nose hair? Or elderly ladies with whiskers?
    Maybe you and your sisters are just lucky with your fine, blonde locks.

  4. Lynn Bee says:

    I’ll keep you posted, Farah!
    So far, thumbs up!

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