Shaving Sucks P2

I still think shaving sucks and I’m continuing with my at home laser treatments.
First of all, I discovered that I am terrible at reading instructions.
I thought I was supposed to begin at level 1 on the zapper and slowly work my way up to level 5.
I was supposed to start at 4 or 5 because it’s based on your skin tone, not based on how much of a wimp you are.
So I cranked it up to a level 3 today, because I want to know what I’m getting myself into.

Level 3 doesn’t hurt at all. But there is a residual warmth that begins to spread after the laser pulse and it’s a bit unsettling. I am confident I can handle the level 5, but I’m not exactly looking forward to it.

The worst part so far has been the couple days following the bikini treatment.
The skin gets very, very irritated and dry. To the point of pain.
However, I can’t attribute this fully to the laser. Since I have to shave so well before the treatment, much of the resulting discomfort could be entirely due to the shaving.

Other notes are that the laser didn’t even activate when I tried to use it on my very tanned friend. But it did work on my Filipino boyfriend. So it should work on you fine as long as your not super tanned with blondish hair.

I can’t see any evidence that the laser treatment is working on me at all, but it’s supposed to take like 6 months, and it’s only been 2 weeks.
Patience, patience.
Stupid shaving.
I’ll be glad when this nonsense is all over with.


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2 Responses to Shaving Sucks P2

  1. Mary says:

    Or you could just resort to wearing bloomers on the beach.

  2. Lynn Bee says:

    Bloomers! That idea is tops! haha

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