Legal Donkey Challenges

I want to Donate Now!

This year, instead of doing some crummy old 1 km stroll or whatever, I’ve arranged a bunch of challenges that donors can unlock.
Here are the details:

Challenge #1 – every donation of any amount unlocks a thank you gift and monthly posts with updates letting you know how the fundraising/challenges are going. See pictures of adorable animals interspersed with pictures of me dying during my challenges. Fun!

Challenge #2Unlocked! 10 donations of any amount unlocks a personal challenge in which I will jog for 2 km on July 1st.
I am scared of this one because I haven’t gone for a run since last September, and I may not even remember how.
But I know there are a few of you out there who are hoping I’ll get back into running, so this is your big chance to make that happen!

Challenge #3Unlocked! $150 raised and I will go on a no sugar diet for all of June. The big hearted Elizabeth Gordon has also agreed to engage in this challenge with me!
I know this might not seem like a big deal, but NO POPSICLES on hot summer days?! Rough stuff!

Challenge #4Unlocked! $300 raised will get me to do a 30-day Cardio Challenge.
I have a fun app that creates 30-day challenges for me…. well “fun” might not be the right word.
My cardio is atrocious, so please do me the favour of unlocking this challenge.

Challenge #5 – $500 raised for will get me to do a 30-Day Ab Challenge.
My trainer thinks I have a great core, so let’s put it to the test! I promise you before and after pictures.

Challenge #6 – $750 raised will get me and Liz Gordon to climb the Wall Centre.
That’s 48 flights, the 4th tallest building in Vancouver!

Challenge #7 – $1000 raised will get me to run 1 mile every day in August.
You have no idea how much this scares me. One mile. Every day.
Again, a great incentive for those who want to see me lace up the old runners again!

Challenge #8 – $1500 raised will get me and Liz to drive out to the Donkey Refuge in Chase (5 hrs away) and get you loads of pictures of Koa meeting the Donkeys!

If you make a donation, please be sure to send me a message at with your email address and shipping info so I can get you those thank you gifts and updates.

If you are ready to whip me into shape by helping to unlock some challenges, you can do so now right here:

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