Mother’s Day Gift Idea

When I was a child, I thought moms were the most amazing thing. They knew how to cook and sew and garden and drive cars.
They could spell and knew weird things, like what a dog year was or where oil came from.
They were geniuses that could solve every problem.
What a bummer it was to grow up and discover moms are just regular dumbasses like me doing the best they can.

Being a mom is tough. It’s stressful trying to keep someone alive and hoping you aren’t totally screwing them up. Nobody is perfect, but I always want to thank moms for doing the best they could given their particular strengths and circumstances.

As Mother’s day nears, I know this is a bittersweet time for lots of people. Some people don’t have moms, or don’t like their moms, or have complicated relationships with their moms.
But Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about just one person in your life, it can be about all moms. So let your frazzled friend know she’s doing a good job, buy your Grandma some flowers, or tell your godmother she’s cool.

This year I’ll be sending out a bunch of love to the moms I know. And I hope you do the same. It doesn’t have to be much, just be a card or a small gift. Or even a phone call or text to tell them they are neat. It will mean lots to them. I promise.

If you need a simple DIY gift idea, try making her this natural sugar scrub. It’s simple, vegan, affordable, all natural, moisturizing, and environmentally sound:

You will need:

A jar with a lid ( like an 8oz canning mason jar)
1 cup white sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
A couple drops of Vitamin E

Mix ingredients together well with a spoon and then jam into the jar.

For jazzier results, try adding a drop of food colouring or a couple drops of a great smelling essential oil.
And slap on a bow.
Gift ready!

I hope your Mother’s Day isn’t just another day of washing dishes and cleaning up barf.

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