Lazzzzzy days

Hi Team,

I’m 1 week into my fundraiser and there is good news and bad news.

The good news is no one has donated to my fundraiser yet – so I don’t have to do any of the challenges!
The bad news is…. no one has donated to my fundraiser yet – so I am still fat and lazy and I haven’t helped the Donkeys or the Environment at all.

I have decided to accept personalized challenges. So, for example, if a resident of Hawaii donates to my fundraiser (any amount) I will walk 11,000 for a week straight!

I can do it! I WILL do it! I will provide photographic evidence and probably write whinny comments about it on social media.
Sounds fun, right?!

So let me know what you want me to achieve! OR Let me know if you want to do any of the challenges with me.

The lovely Elizabeth Gordon has agreed to walk up Wall Centre with me and give up sugar for all of June, and Lindsay is giving up drinks…..but only if make our donation target goals!

If you want more info on the amazing charities or crazy challenges I’ve posted, please let me know. I’m happy to provide tons of additional info.

If you are unable to support, but just want to follow the fun – please check out the Legal Donkey Fundraiser FaceBook page:

And my journey will be moving to Hawaii next week for the rest of May, so get engaged with the fundraiser and check out all the pics of me trying to exercise in 95 degree tropical paradise.

Every little bit helps, so please make a donation of $3 or more. If you want to make a donation of less than $3 or prefer to donate offline, please contact me to let me know and we will work it out.

I look forward to seeing my first donation come in. And remember, I have piles of fun thank you gifts at my house waiting to be sent out to you!

Much love to you all from the beautiful Pacific Ocean

Lynn <3

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