Gearing up!

So, we finally got a few donations for Legal Donkey!
The Donkey refuge, West Coast Law, and I are very happy to have raised $131. Thank you for your generous support, thus far!
We have only $19 to go and Liz and I will be giving up sugar for all of June.
$369 to go and Zoe and I will be doing the AB challenge!
Plus all the other challenges I have committed to doing.

I have been swimming everyday to get in gear for the challenges, but also eating every popsicle in sight because I know I might be giving them up for June.

My fitbit is charged, my runners are broken in, and I’m ready to work for your dollars!

Here is a preview of me working hard for your money, because I know I’ll be doing the AB challenge sometime this summer:

“This is what I see when I exercise all day for you.
Sit-ups, a million sit-ups every day.
Today I’m supposed to do 325.
No problem.
I’m already at 63”

If you want to support me, the donkeys in need, and/or environmental legal aid, please make a donation to our fundraising page here, or contact us for info on other ways to donate or support at

If you want to join me for a challenge, please let me know and I’ll get you all the details.

Love the support and hope it continues to ramp up <3

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