I work hard for the money

I have kind of lost track of time…. is this week 3? 4?
It feels like week 95.
And I feel 95.

This week I took on a special request personal challenge to walk 5 miles a day.
And. It. Is. TERRIBLE.
My feet, knees, hips, and back are killing me.
How did I used to walk this much everyday?
How do other people walk this much all the time?!

The first day I walked to and up the Diamond Head. The incline challenge, scenery, and being in a volcano made it totally worthwhile.
The second day I walked to the Art on the Fence, the aquarium, and my friend’s house. All fun destinations I enjoyed.
The third day I walked along the canal, the “Lei of Parks”, and the Moana Surfrider. And got a huge blister.

But now I’m running low on:
pain tolerance
confidence (Koa keeps pointing at my foot and saying “Ewwwww!”)

I don’t know if I promised to walk every day for a week or for just five days in a row – but I’m really hoping it was only five days.
Can you believe my challenger originally proposed 5 miles a day FOR A MONTH?! I would have even considered it if I didn’t have surfing/hit training/swimming and all the other things too!… like a job and a kid.

Either I’m gonna be super fit or super dead by the end of this.
If you wanted me to do a special request challenge – ask me now before I die from exhaustion/joint deterioration.
Wait. Can you die from that?
I’ll let you know if it happens to me.

And all this why?
Because I LOVE animals. And I LOVE the environment. And we need to help take care of it.

I’m doing all this to show you how much I care, so you’ll give me your hard earned dollars. I do not just expect you to hand it over. I will happily work for it.
Well…. “happily”.

So please consider a donation of at least $3 Canadian dollars right here:


You can also get details about the charities and my other fitness challenges on the donation page.

If you want to donate less, or in another way, or make a special challenge request please let me know at legaldonkey.fundraiser@gmail.com

I’m almost 10% of the way to my donation goal, so please make my eventual walking related death worth it.

Mahalo <3


Here are some pictures of our adventure destinations:

The neighbourhood ^

The canal ^

The aquarium ^

The Art on the fence ^

The Diamond Head Crater ^

The Moana Surfrider ^

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  1. Mary says:

    “My eventual walking-related death” made me LOL. Well, if your 66-year old aunt can do it, you can too! Of course, I’m not pushing a stroller. Go to the local Long’s and get yourself some “moleskin pads.” Cut them to fit over your blister and stick them on. They work great! You need to send me your Paypal account so I can donate there, as I’ve given up on the donation link that doesn’t like me because I don’t live in Canada.

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