I work hard for the money

I have kind of lost track of time…. is this week 3? 4?
It feels like week 95.
And I feel 95.

This week I took on a special request personal challenge to walk 5 miles a day.
And. It. Is. TERRIBLE.
My feet, knees, hips, and back are killing me.
How did I used to walk this much everyday?
How do other people walk this much all the time?!

The first day I walked to and up the Diamond Head. The incline challenge, scenery, and being in a volcano made it totally worthwhile.
The second day I walked to the Art on the Fence, the aquarium, and my friend’s house. All fun destinations I enjoyed.
The third day I walked along the canal, the “Lei of Parks”, and the Moana Surfrider. And got a huge blister.

But now I’m running low on:
pain tolerance
confidence (Koa keeps pointing at my foot and saying “Ewwwww!”)

I don’t know if I promised to walk every day for a week or for just five days in a row – but I’m really hoping it was only five days.
Can you believe my challenger originally proposed 5 miles a day FOR A MONTH?! I would have even considered it if I didn’t have surfing/hit training/swimming and all the other things too!… like a job and a kid.

Either I’m gonna be super fit or super dead by the end of this.
If you wanted me to do a special request challenge – ask me now before I die from exhaustion/joint deterioration.
Wait. Can you die from that?
I’ll let you know if it happens to me.

And all this why?
Because I LOVE animals. And I LOVE the environment. And we need to help take care of it.

I’m doing all this to show you how much I care, so you’ll give me your hard earned dollars. I do not just expect you to hand it over. I will happily work for it.
Well…. “happily”.

So please consider a donation of at least $3 Canadian dollars right here:


You can also get details about the charities and my other fitness challenges on the donation page.

If you want to donate less, or in another way, or make a special challenge request please let me know at legaldonkey.fundraiser@gmail.com

I’m almost 10% of the way to my donation goal, so please make my eventual walking related death worth it.

Mahalo <3


Here are some pictures of our adventure destinations:

The neighbourhood ^

The canal ^

The aquarium ^

The Art on the fence ^

The Diamond Head Crater ^

The Moana Surfrider ^

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