This donkey loves to exercise

Time has no meaning anymore.
That’s what happens when I am in Hawaii. Time seems to stand still. But based on a number of indicators, I feel that this is week 4 of my fundraiser and that means you need an update.

I successfully did my 5 miles of walking per day for 5 days and earned that personal challenge donation.

We also raised enough to unlock the 30-Day Cardio Challenge. I am on about day 6 and so far it’s been…. bearable. Koa helps by excitedly jumping up and down each time I do the daily tasks of Bear Crawls, Pyro Jacks, Running in Place, or whatever else is on order for the day.

And today is Day 1 of the No-Sugar Diet… which will extend throughout all of June and so far has gone well. 1 out of 30 – check!

Then, July 1st, I will be running for 2 km. Which doesn’t sound like much, but it will be a killer if I don’t at least practice a couple times first. Quick! Somebody set an exercise alarm reminding me to practice for the July 1 run.

There have been some very generous donors pushing me to do all this.

I can do all of this, I know I can.
I just have to remember to do all this each day.

And with just another $19 to be raised, I’ll be doing another 30-Day Ab Challenge, as well.

So, come on… who wants to see me get ripped? It’s only $19 and 30 days away!

You can make a donation, get all the details, and check out my challenges right here:

My lazy butt, retired donkeys, and, the Pacific west coast all thank you for your love and support.

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2 Responses to This donkey loves to exercise

  1. Mom says:

    Much more impressive than the one minute running in place (or something like that) in your first report! Go, Lynn! I’ll see if I can find you a $19 donor.

  2. Mary says:

    You SO rock!!

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