Sugar-free sadness

Holy smokes! I have been busting my butt for these donkeys and it feels great!
This week with the help of generous souls, we unlocked the 30 Day AB Challenge.
Since I am currently in the middle of the 30 Day cardio challenge and the Sugar-free month…. I have decided to defer the AB Challenge until July.

I’ve taken on lots and I don’t want to skip out on anything simply for a lack of remembering! But I have the courageous Zoe joining me for the AB Challenge so we will keep each other motivated and accountable.

The no sugar diet is going well – more so now that I am no longer in Hawaii.
In BC, I can see junky chocolate bars at the gas station and easily resist.
But Hawaii was full of Guava Shortbread, Dragonfruit sorbet, and Haupia FrenchToast. It’s much harder to avoid exotic delicacies that I am worried I may never come across again!
… but then again I spend plenty of my time in Hawaii, so I will no doubt come across those treats again.
At least that’s what I told myself.

A large part of my success on the Sugar-free diet is that I still have loads of sugar filled goodness – like fruit. I’m just blocking out obvious dessert-like sugar. This challenge would be way harder in the middle of winter when fruit is scarce, but pies and cookies are plentiful.

If you are thinking of cutting out sugar – do it in the summer! And in Canada, so you won’t miss out on goodies like these:

Guava Shortbread Cookies

Dragonfruit Sorbet – look at that colour!


Haupia French Toast!


The 30-Day Cardio challenge is nearing the halfway point and is starting to get tricky, sweaty, and calf-burn-y. I have started adding the daily cardio challenge on to the end of my regular gym routine when I’m already miserable, so it fits into my routine more seamlessly.

I’d rather push myself for longer once a day than force myself to face it twice daily!

But it’s all worth it because I am so happy to have raised over $500 for the fundraiser and I can’t thank all the generous donors enough!

I am hoping to raise another $1000 before the end of summer… fingers crossed!

The first round of thank you gifts are almost ready to go and I’m super excited to send them out! If you would like to get a gift, make a donation, punish me with more physical challenges, request a custom challenge, or join in for the “fun” — please shoot an email to us at and we will get you all sorted.

Or just jump over here to get the details and make your donation to either (or both) of the charities now:

Tax receipts for Canadians and much love to you all <3

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