Since my accident (, I decided that I needed to upgrade a bit for my long haul flight back to the Northern Hemisphere.
I wasn’t asking for much when I called in to change my ticket, what I wanted was some extra legroom so I could stretch my mangled leg out slightly for the total 20 hrs of flight time I was facing. Extra legroom seats would have been a total of $200, and well worth it, in my opinion.
Unfortunately, the extra legroom options in Economy Class were only available in the exit rows, and since I have a sprained shoulder I cannot meet the responsibilities associated with those seats.
So, I was looking at the possibilities of an upgrade.
Upgrading to Business class would have been more than three times my entire fare, so I opted for the only other plausible option: Premium Economy for my longest flight.
I didn’t even ask what it offered, all I knew from observations in the past was that Premium Economy has footrests, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.
So at $400 CAD for the upgrade I agreed it was worth it, working out to $28/hr for the 14-hour flight from HK to Van.

What else is offered in Premium Economy for Cathay Pacific long-haul flights? Now that I’m committed, I have to know.
Beyond the footrest, I can look forward to the following:

-Being seated directly behind the pods in business class, so I can feel sad and poor.
-Fast check-ins with my own attendant to check me and the other 35 Premium classers, no big line for me!
-10 lbs more allotted for each piece of luggage and a second bag free. This is great since I always go over in weight and I will be bringing back a second bag which would have cost me $100 CAD.
-Demanding a special passcard so I can use the airport lounge.
-Pre-Boarding before all the schlubs in Economy class. Eat my dust, hobos!
-A glass of champagne once I get seated and wait for the schlubs to board. I don’t drink, but ok.
-My precious footrest, 8 more inches legroom, an 8-in recline, 1-in more width, and a headrest.
-Noise cancelling headphones. Instead of those noise-increasing crackly ones you get in Economy.
-A larger table and a special teeny table for drinks. The drink table is in between the seats, so I can spill my unwanted champagne on my fellow passenger in style.
-FREE SOCKS. I’m going to ask for 3 pairs so I can also wear on my hands and ears.
-A toothbrush and toothpaste. Which seems stupid. Until you’ve travelled for 24 hours without brushing your teeth. Then you will know the true need.
-Hot towels. If you’ve ever had these, you know you can’t ever live without them. I’m going to ask for a hot towel every 15 minutes.
-The same food options that business class gets to enjoy. Hopefully, that will include a veg option for breakfast because economy does not offer that.
-Free wine! I still don’t drink. But maybe I will have changed my life choices by the 10th hour of travel.
-More movies! Good. Because I have travelled so much this year I have already seen all the Cathay Pacific movies 17 times. Fingers crossed they will have more seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so I can laugh super loud and disrupt all the other passengers while they try to sleep.
-Real plates and cutlery! No disposable, single use for me!
-Larger screens. Now I can go blind AND aggravate my concussion even faster than I originally planned!

-Plus, probably some more things I will discover during my flight. I’ll keep you posted.

All in all seems like a good deal. And online reviews say that Premium Economy gets most of the same perks as Business class for a fraction of the price. So it turns out I’m a pretty savvy traveller.
I should get into traffic accidents more often.

ummmmm….. well, I’ll probably review that option before I commit.


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