The Peel

Over the past year I have gone through quite a lot.
One of the results is that I feel I have been left with sad old lady skin.
My face has aged ten year in six months.

This left me wondering what I could do about it.
Obviously the best option would be a great skin care regiment. But that means I would go out and spend a bundle on product s that I would use sporadically, at best. That would be a waste of money, skin likes routine.

So what other options were out there?
I’d has spa facials before and they aggravated my skin more than anything, causing clogged pores.
I’d heard a lot about Botox, but wanted to do some research myself.
And it looks like Botox is not for me.
I’m not some famous movie star. I don’t want injections into my face, it targets only certain areas, and it’s temporary – so that would mean committing to a series of expensive treatments.

Now that I was in research mode, I kept digging. There were so many options! Micro-needling, laser treatments, dermapens, Acupuncture, cosmetic surgery, the list was scary. I finally got caught up in the idea of a chemical peel.

A peel seemed less invasive than many other procedures, I’d heard good things, it addressed many issues, and was an affordable one-time option.

A peel is essentially the process of resurfacing the face. A specific combination of chemicals onto the skin to cause it to peel off the top layer(s) and grow fancy new young skin in its place.
It’s a good way to deal with acne, light scarring, pigmentation issues, fine lines, and texturing.
Now, I wasn’t into the idea of a deep peel, I just wanted to start out with something light.

I looked up locations in the city and found something with good reviews that didn’t look like a dump or a spa.

I then made my appointment at SKN in Yaletown for a consult.

The intake was good, they asked my concerns and discussed options with me. Since I’d never really done much before and wanted sort of mild overall treatment, they strongly recommended I start with a Vitamin A infusion Peel. Which, though called a peel – is basically the complete opposite of a peel.

Instead of burning off the top layer of skin, Vitamin A is infused deep into the skin causing the cells below to turn over faster and effectively purge the face by shedding the top layer of skin.
The procedure is extremely safe and tolerated well by all skin types. It’s used for anti-ageing, acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation and normalized oil production.

This procedure sounded was less intense or invasive than anything else I’d researched and I agreed to it.

The next day I waltzed in for my appointment and found an adorable lady waiting for me.

Andrea began my 45-minute appointment by addressing all my concerns and questions.
Then with candles lit, lights turned down, and soothing music playing we were almost ready to begin.
Andrea advised me to take off my shirt since the treatment is bright orange.
I didn’t realize this appointment was going to be so romantic, so I quickly opted to strip down entirely to just my socks and snuggled under the mass of soft blankets on the massage table.

The process began with a thorough face cleansing which basically was an extended face massage followed by a hot towel.
God, I love that. I wonder how much it would cost to get a towel warmer to have at home…..

Anyway, step 2 was applying a papaya serum to the face to absorb a bunch of crummy old cells or something… I’m not a skincare expert.

Then a tingly cranberry serum,  which was the most uncomfortable aspect of the process. The mild tingling was really nothing at all, but it made me nervous because I didn’t know how strong it was going to get. But it was steamed and wiped off after just a few minutes.

Then it was onto the main event. The Vitamins and boosters were slathered on and I completely relaxed until I was nearly asleep by the end of it all.

Afterwards, I would have to avoid sunlight. It being December in Vancouver, that is entirely possible to accomplish with no effort put in whatsoever. I was also told to expect a bit of redness and possible flaking or peeling for the next few days. But other than that, there was no real downtime.

It’s only been a couple days, but my skin is a bit nicer – there is bright shiny glow and it feels wildly hydrated. Like I just wiped off cold cream.

I don’t expect amazing results, but for $125, I am pretty happy with the process overall.

Hopefully, that will satiate my need to go through any other procedures in the near future.

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