Step into my office

I bought a Groupon for a massage.
Seems normal, right? Sure – I buy Groupons all the time and they are usually totally fine.

I browsed the website for the massage spa first. Seemed like a legit establishment, decent reviews, I was excited.

I called to book the appointment but no one answered the phone.
For 3 days.

I am always a little bit wary of Groupon places – because there is a reason they are offering services at a discounted price. Yet I was undeterred. I looked up my exact Groupon and called the number listed there. A woman answered. Success!
But she answered it: “Hello, yeah?” Not success.
Either this was just some person or the least professional business of all time.

I made an appointment for my massage and also asked to add a pedicure to my appointment. She responded that they are not currently doing pedicures. First of all, it says they do pedicures on the website, and second of all, what type of garbage spa doesn’t have pedicures? That’s the most basic spa service of all. I could do a pedicure myself for god’s sake.

I asked for her to remind me of the spa’s address. She said she would text it to me with my appointment confirmation. And, of course, the address she texted me was just some house, not the spa listed on the website.

So either I was now scheduled to get the worst massage of all time in some chick’s living room. Or I was planning on waltzing into the home of a serial killer.

Though I 50% really wanted to see this horrible place and enjoy the ridiculousness of it. The other 50% of me really didn’t want to get murdered in such a dumb and obvious way. So I cancelled my questionable appointment and returned the Groupon.

Over the years I have visited many many home businesses for different reasons.

I rarely was aware in advance that the business was being run out of a private residence, and if I had… I probably would have opted to go a different route.

Let’s review:

I “won” a raffle and got a really awkward acupuncture session in some guy’s garage. Decided afterwards I really don’t like acupuncture. But that might not be entirely acupuncture’s fault.

I went to a lawyer for a quick consult and simple form to be completed, in the basement of a private home. The guy wasn’t super amazing and afterwards, I realized business card stating “LOVE” should have been a bit of a red flag that he wasn’t really the type of lawyer I was looking for.

I got my haircut in my neighbour’s basement salon forever for $10 a pop.  The price was right, but the haircut matched the price tag. I put a stop to the cycle when I was 15 years old and asked her to shave my head. All future haircuts were then effectively cancelled.

And of course, I have been tricked into going to a “party” at an acquaintance’s place – where it just turned out to be a weird wine get together while they tried to sell us really overpriced candles, Tupperware, makeup, or whatever. I drank all the free wine and passed out immediately. Never spoke to that person again.

And I know you’re thinking that I sure am up on a high horse for someone who works from home.
I hear ya.
There are loads of legit businesses with people working from home.
Online, design, crafting, editing, creating, writing, concocting.
But those don’t invite clients into the home. And I think that’s the kicker.


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  1. Mary says:

    Yay! A fun TT from Lynn!

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