The Cleanse

So I am undertaking the challenge of going on a cleanse.

I know that doesn’t sound too daunting. But this isn’t some 2 days “cleanse” of just drinking carrot juice.
This one is intense.

It’s 3 weeks of:
No Wheat
No Gluten
No Dairy
No Sugar
No Preservatives
No Smoking
No Alcohol

I’m embarking on this ordeal with Kelly, Liz, and Zoe.
Now, Kelly is my naturopath who developed this cleanse and Liz is dedicated to self-improvement, so I don’t think they will have much trouble following the program.
On the other hand, I have traditionally gotten a zero at sticking to diets.
And last time we tried No Sugar – Zoe threw in the towel on day 2 after eating a bunch of candy on day 1.So…. we will just have to see how that goes.

Since this was actually developed by a doctor who cares about my wellbeing, the cleanse doesn’t just have dietary restrictions to cut out, it also includes:

Probiotics everyday
A botanical as an antifungal and antibacterial
Something daily to support the lymphatic system. This could be a steam, sauna, exercise, or dry brushing.
Something daily to support liver and kidney health. This would be an increase in the amount of water consumed.
I am confident I will win at the water aspect. Ever since I got a Soda Stream my water intake has gone way up! …. No, I am not a spokesperson for the company. I just like carbonated water, ok?

Here are some pictures of me naked to help you better understand the Lymphatic System

This is a lot to take on – especially since my diet is so garbage-filled these days. I mean even ALAN BLACKBURN yelled at me “THAT’S NOT FOOD” when I offered him a cheezie. If APB has a better diet than I do, I must be in bad shape.

But I am onboard! I already bought a Groupon for dry sauna sessions AND a dry brush. Whooooo whooooo.

To encourage me to stay the course, you are invited to join us for Challenge: Cleanse

Or, if you are too scared, but still want to support my efforts, you are invited to make a donation to help endangered bumblebees during my 3-week journey into darkness (and, of course, better health).
You can get all the bee-related donation info right here:
The donation page will be available until my birthday in August, so you have plenty of time to help me reach my goal.

If anyone wants to join us for the adventure, we are starting on July 10th and specifics for “No Sugar” include:
No Sucrose
Reasonable amounts of honey, molasses, and maple sugar are a-ok.

Specifics of “No Preservatives” include:
MSG, nitrates, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate.

If you have questions, hit me up!

Big love,
Lynn <3

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