Dry Brushing

The number one questions I have gotten regarding the Cleanse has been: What is Dry Brushing?
Well, actually, the top questions are:
1- Are you crazy? and 2- What will you eat?
But the number one non-idiotic question is: What is Dry Brushing?
So here you go!

One of the main functions of your skin is to excrete toxins and waste produced by your body, which brings us to today’s wellness topic – dry brushing.

I finally tried dry brushing.
And it is the greatest thing… since….toothbrushing. Hairbrushing. Cat brushing.
Why did it take me so long to jump onboard? Why haven’t you jumped onboard?
Probably because I just didn’t understand what it was.
Or likely because I saw all the baloney posts about how it will cure cellulite.
Just like how shark cartilage keeps you from getting cancer, right?

NO! It doesn’t “cure” cellulite. I don’t think anything does. (Also, stop eating sharks, ya jerk!). But dry brushing does improve the general appearance of the skin and perhaps smooth out some of those lumpy cellulite deposits. Dry brushing is also a way to increase your energy while decreasing stress, lifting brain fog and supporting your digestive health, which are practical considerations that help you not only feel good but look good!

BUT there are loads of great benefits to dry brushing. For starters: It’s inexpensive, fast, you can do it at home, and it feels amazinggggg.

Other beneficial points include:
Increased circulation
Lymphatic drainage (which sounds gross, but is super good)
Smaller pores
Brighter skin
and, did I mention: it feels AMAZINGGGGG

Dry brushing is just that:
Get a bristle-y brush and rub it all over your body inwards towards your heart.
Then shower
Then put on all the lotion

It’s basically an exfoliation to loosen and remove dead skin and promote circulation. But this method doesn’t use any silly products. No expense or breakouts for you and no plastic microbeads for the ocean. Win-win!

One of the most seriously beneficial reasons to begin dry brushing your skin is to stimulate your lymphatic system, which is essentially a network of tissues and organs that help transport metabolic waste out of your body.
Using the correct body brushes (one with a long handle comes in handy) as well as the right methods, body brushing can impact your body in ways that promote healing, skin vibrancy and improved circulation.

This simple exercise helps you unclog your pores and eliminate toxins that may be trapped in your skin.

You can get these brushes anywhere, even the dollar store. And they come in a variety of types at loads of different price points.
I got one on Amazon for $6 and it was delivered the next day. Thanks, Amazon!

So here I am brushing away, I was supposed to start off just a couple times a week gently and then increase as my skin got used to it.
As it may cause redness or irritation at first.
But I am not completely insane so I know we are supposed to brush gently. Not rip off the skin or rub my stomach raw. And, as you may have heard, dry brushing feels amazinggggggggg – so I have been doing it every day for the past 5 days.
Already my skin feels softer.
Has my lymphatic drainage improved? Ummmm, no comment. I’m not a scientist. But it probably hasn’t worsened my lymphatic drainage.
I may not be a top doctor, but I AM a part-time optimist.

But seems to me that dry brushing is energizing, invigorating, skin softening, and stress relieving.

The reason I’ve jumped on the Dry Brushing bandwagon is that I’m doing this nutty super cleanse starting next week and this is by far the easiest part, so might as well get started early.
Also, as many of you may have noticed, my skin has been total garbage since…. well right around the time I started eating tons of dairy and working for the devil. Both of those are phasing out though and with the dry brushing, hopefully, all of it gets a bit sorted!

Here’s the rundown, if you want to engage in the dry brushing yourself.
Start working on your feet, using gentle, circular, upward motions toward your heart from the tips of your toes, including the tops of your feet, your soles and moving upward.
Brush slowly and gently; it can be difficult to cover your stomach, sides and chest (especially if you’re ticklish), it will become less so as your body gets used to the sensation.
Do your arms, neck and as much of your back as you can get to.
Don’t use the regular brush on your face, as your skin is too delicate. Use a specially designed facial brush, which has softer bristles.
Once you’re finished, you can shower, which washes away all the dead skin cells you’ve loosened. Water set at warm or hot further increases your circulation.

I’m telling you – just try it. It feels so good and now I understand why cats and dogs are begging to be stroked.
You’ll see!

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  1. Susan Stratton says:

    5 minutes, eh? Everything I’m told I can do in X minutes, including recipes, takes me at least 2X minutes. If I work in everything I think I should do every day, which I never ever come close to managing, I think I’d be a happy camper with a 72 hour day!

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