Peace not presents for all

Hey y’all,

As many of you know we will be heading off to the Philippines soon for a family reunion.
out exactly my family, but I have been invited and I think it’s important for Koa to spend time getting to know his heritage and family.
Lola left a few months ago to sort out details with her property where we will be staying. Koa will no doubt be wildly excited when he sees her again.
I’ll be heading out with Koa, his Tita, and his cousins. I didn’t really care all that much about specific dates, so I told Ate to just book me for the same flights as her. We will be outnumbered 3 young boys vs. 2 grown women – but I am confident team adult will come out winning (if you’ve never flown with small children…. let me tell you, it’s actually bearable with as many adults as possible).
Turns out the same flights as them means SIX weeks in the Philippines. I see so many benefits and drawbacks to such a lengthy trip. But it’s all settled now, so I’m just gonna roll with it.

This all means that Koa and I will be away for the entire Christmas season. Winter and Jesus aren’t exactly my favorite thing, so I’m okay with missing it. However, I am a little mopey about missing the number one gifting event of the year.
I will miss connecting with all my friends, family, and loved ones over here in the West.

A traditional gift exchange won’t work, even cards are out of the question [unless I am going to get my act together enough to get cards out by mid-November (spoiler alert: I’m not)], and for that, I’m secretly happy because it means the opportunity for a more meaningful show of support.

Please consider donating to my animal-centric fundraiser for this holiday season in lieu of a gift.

I truly don’t need anything and if Koa gets one more piece of Lego, our living room is gonna explode.


You all know I love animals. More than anything

Animals are an invaluable part of our planet, regulate ecosystems, and add endless benefits to our lives.

However, these beautiful creatures are all too often mistreated. These animals are voiceless against the political, legal, and industrial systems that dictate many aspects of their lives.

Did you know that Canada has some of the worst animal protection laws in the western world?

Canada’s animal cruelty laws have barely changed since the 1950’s. In Canada, there are no federal regulations protecting animals from abuse on farms, in zoos and aquariums, or in laboratories. It’s still legal to import and sell dog and cat fur, shark fins, animals killed for trophies, and elephant ivory. In Canada, it’s completely legal to kill and eat your pets.

While many countries around the world are constantly passing new laws protecting animals, the Canadian government has consistently ignored animal protection and dragged feet when it comes to legislation.

Animal Justice (AJ) is the only national animal law organization fighting to turn Canada into a more loving place for animals. AJ helps to defend animals by fighting for them in court, pushing for stronger laws, and working to ensure the laws already on the books are vigorously enforced. The lawyers at AJ have made it their mission to transform Canada’s legal and political systems to bring animals the protections they need and deserve.

AJ leads the legal fight for animals in Canada. Their lawyers work to pass strong new animal protection legislation, push for the prosecution of animal abusers, and fight for animals in court.


Wildaid pushes for protection of endangered animals and focuses much of their efforts of ending the illegal international trade in wildlife products. This not only betters Canada, but works to help all species around the world, like sharks, rhinos, elephants, lions, vaquitas, rays, and many many more. The main idea with WildAid is that when buying these products stops, poaching and killing will follow suit.

One of my favorite projects Wild Aid is working on right now is the fight to end the horrific act of gillnet fishing; outlawing gillnets would benefit all creatures of the ocean.

They also have a program geared towards slowing Climate Change, which includes the education and promotion of climate-friendly food and transport.

Wildaid is an excellent charity in terms of transparency and efficiency with their finances.
They provide frequent updates on their site, so feel free to follow their progress, wins, and challenges here:


Please, please pour your love for us (or traditional obligation to Christmas gifting) into giving a voice to the animals. It will mean the world to so many of us if you make a donation to Animal Justice or WildAid on our behalf.

If you are unable to donate, please consider other meaningful action like signing to implement a Charter of Rights and Freedoms for animals in Canada


Love you all so much,

Lynn & Koa

And of course, I will be posting a billion pictures and updates from our trip, so don’t you worry. I’m planning to go dune surfing while I’m there too, so get ready for action shots of me eating a mouthful of sand.

But for now, ya have to be satisfied with the pics of lovely creatures:


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