Eating Journal

I feel (and look) like I’ve gained 10,000 lbs over the past couple weeks.
So I have decided to get back into my good eating habits. Or at least get rid of some of my terrible ones.
I don’t “diet” per se. My general rule is to eat more vegetables and drink more water thereby ingesting less junk.
Everyone says a good way to really keep track of your progress is to have an eating journal where you write down everything you eat. have decided to keep track of some of the wins and losses in a loose journal. Here is a summary of my past month.

Day 1 – Breakfast: Ate raisins out of my son’s toast. He still refused to eat the toast, though.
Day 2 – Lunch – Ordered a salad, ate only croutons. Cannot decide if that is better or worse than eating the full salad.
Day 3 – Doing well until some jackass left a bag of Maltesers on my desk. Ate 2/3 of the bag.
Tried to even it out on the treadmill.
Probably even, I vote today doesn’t count either way.
Day 4 – Allowed son to eat remaining Maltesers for breakfast. Figured overall, that was better than me inevitably finishing them off.
Day 5 – Breakfast – black coffee
Lunch – Half-baked potato with honey mustard sauce
Dinner – Avocado sushi
Day 6 – Bought sunflower seeds to curb eating and smoking. Ate loads of them while driving about, spitting shells out of my car window. Resulted in less eating and smoking and a $100 ticket for littering.
Day 7 – Did well with eating all day until deciding on half a fruit tray for late night snack. The tray was intended to feed 6-8 people.
Day 8 – It’s Thanksgiving! Nothing counts. Dessert x3 and 10,000000000 carbs. Yum yum yums
Day 9 – Discovered a recipe for pumpkin pancakes. FUCK YOU DIET. At least I made the pancakes vegan, does that count for anything?
Day 10 – While waiting for my Chamomile and oatmeal facemask to dry, I began eating it. Not that that is bad in and of itself since it’s just oats and chamomile with baking soda, it just seems really gross to do it. Glad no one was around to witness it.
Day 11 – Making colloidal oatmeal. Forgot to put the lid on the food processor. My kitchen is now an oat explosion. The stupid oatmeal plan is canceled.
Day 12 – Was tricked into eating two chocolate muffins after dinner. My best friend is the devil.
Day 13 – Did excellent with only one meal of rice pasta and spinach
Day 14 – Was starving after excellent eating on Day 13, ate greasy, doughy pizza for breakfast. And then went to a kids b-day party, so obviously ended up eating chocolate cupcakes thick with blue icing.
Day 15 – Ate a spinach salad for dinner. But woke up at 2am on the couch with a suspicious looking empty M&M package next to me.
Day 16 – Realized the non-dairy milk I’ve been putting in my coffee has 15gr of sugar per cup. What the….Why?????!!!!
Day 17 – Threw out all the vegetables in my fridge that had gone bad. I swear I did not buy them just to throw away.
Day 18 – Vegetable sushi for both lunch and dinner and 2 hours killing myself at the gym
Day 19– Got angry with life which resulted in working off 1250 calories at the gym. In turn, I drank loads of water. Yay! But I also ate a bunch of bread and junk for dinner. Muscles are sore the following day, so I think it was good overall. Except for weird muscles, I didn’t know I had. Like underneath my shoulder blade and on my palms. Since when do hands have muscles?
Day 20 – Did you know Oreos are vegan?
Day 21 – Vegetable sushi for lunch again. But Peanut butter Ritz cracker sandwiches for dinner. Having kid food in the house is a curse.
Day 22 - The realization that when someone else cooks for me it’s tasty, filling, healthy, and I eat much smaller portions. I need a personal chef.
Day 23 – Discovered that eating food so spicy it burns your face off and eating everything with chopsticks really helps keep consumption down to a minimum.
Day 24 – Are pop tarts okay if they are organic? Nevermind, they are moldy. Threw them all in the trash. Success!
Day 25 – McDonald’s is running their monopoly game. A month of fat fat garbage food. Ughhhhhhh
Day 26 – Are corn chips on the good or bad side of things? Is it better if you have them with salsa… that’s like vegetables, right?
Day 27 – I’ve remembered that I was supposed to do AB exercises every day this month. I’ll start now!
Day 28 – Start the AB exercises. Hate the AB exercises. Quit the AB exercises. But instead ran 18 km (11mi) on the treadmill over the past 24 hours. In your face AB exercises!
Day 29 – I found Kraft makes unsweetened+unsalted peanut butter. This is a game changer.
Day 30 – Managed to stop eating McDonald’s ice cream every day. Let’s just call the month a win and be done with it, shall we?

I realize that I cannot control my bad eating, I can try to curb it, but I am so terrible at managing my late night snacking. I’ll go the route of loads of treadmill time to balance out the eating instead.


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