The first 5

Though cold, at least it was sunny!
The announcer stated he hoped we’d remembered to wear sunscreen. In Canada, at 9am, in February.
What the heck was he talking about? The sun’s pitiful rays don’t work in those conditions, especially when you are in the forest. for the majority of your time.

So…. I know you donated to my 5K run for the Guide Dogs of BC and Alberta, yet you are left wondering if I actually went through with it. For all you non-metric, US readers, 5K translates to 3.1 miles. Not exactly an epic marathon, but a decent distance for an old mom.

I admit, I was very apprehensive for a number of reasons: I just started running again 6 months ago, I haven’t run outside IRL since 2013, I am allergic to cold weather, I haven’t been in a race since 1993, annnnnnnd it was an early morning thing. Blargh. Sign me up for a night race next time.

But fortunately I had Danielle, Liz, Bella, Koa, and Lindsay coming to cheer me on, so that made it much harder to just skip the whole thing and sit inside eating cake under a warm blanket. And all y’all were so generous with your donations, that I ended up as the second highest individual fundraiser in the city. That makes me both so, so proud and utterly disappointed. Proud that I have such generous friends who understand and support causes that matter to me. Disappointed because the event had a surprisingly low goal of $25,000 and they didn’t reach it.

I think the list #2 person(s) got booted out into the “Team” category, so I upgraded to the second place.

It was interesting to run within a group of people, as I always just hit the treadmill solo for my runs. But fresh air was nice too, even though I was worried my face would freeze off for the first couple kilometers. They did warn us just before the race started that the terrain around the lake was a bit slippery. If they actually meant it was fully covered with icey packed snow, then yes, it was “a bit slippery”. I speed walked through that section and became frustrated when it seemed like I’d walked for about half the trek. But there were still other runners behind me, so I couldn’t have been doing too terribly.

And in fact, I had not been, I finished at 35:30, which is my fastest time ever doing 5K. This result left me seriously wondering what I have been doing on that treadmill. Because, now, it sure doesn’t seem like it’s running. Do I treadmill like I’m gingerly picking my way around an icy lake?

Must be.

5K Course Map (around dumb old icy Beaver Lake)

I also fell in love with wearing the bib. Good old number 3101, that’s me! I want to wear a race bib for the rest of my life to everything. Why number 3101, though? 419 people registered for the event, I was the 18th registrant (’cause I’m a keener) and nowhere near everyone actually showed up.

Lazy cake eating, slackers (that’s just my jealousy lashing out).

Good old number 3101, and my adopted sponsor puppy Jeff.

But for all the good fundraisng and speedy running effort, I was awarded a symbolic puppy sponsorship, and a weekend in Whistler. However, being the responsible (and boring) momma that I am, I opted out of the Whistler trip and instead took the $100 gift card for the grocery store.

Overall, the exeprince was really great. I love fundraising, running, and friendly cometition. I have already registered for my next 5K in June.

The only pic of me actually running. I swear it’s me. You just can’t tell because I was going way too fast for the photographer to get a proper shot.

Next time around, I’ll be running to support the mental health of Women suffering from Post-Partum Depression. Now, Post-Partum ain’t no joke. I had it quite badly, and many of my friends experienced it as well after the birth of their children. Unfortunately, it hits hardest for women like me who already have mental health issues and for those who do not have a good support system in place.

This LOVE YOU RUN FOR WOMEN raises dollars for local mental health services. With the funding of programs that allow women to take steps to recovery. If you want to get the jump on supporting me (Danielle!), running with me (Julie!), or registering in your own city (Erin!), please do so!

The RunGo Dash for Dogs included a bajillion doggos who were excited to get on their way. Especially the little guys like this one who were shivering in the cold.
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