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The Depths

Stress level 3000. It’s all falling apart. You can’t keep up. You’re no longer coping or struggling, it can only be considered drowning. Does this sound familiar? We all struggle with hard times, but they trick is to know when … Continue reading

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Protected: All Points Bulletin: Arrangement

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Indonesia Travel Notes

Hi All, I am on a trip to Indonesia! I think a good way to document and keep you in the loop is to put up my notes right here. Feel free to read and share at will. I’ll add … Continue reading

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Sugar-free sadness

Holy smokes! I have been busting my butt for these donkeys and it feels great! This week with the help of generous souls, we unlocked the 30 Day AB Challenge. Since I am currently in the middle of the 30 … Continue reading

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This donkey loves to exercise

Time has no meaning anymore. That’s what happens when I am in Hawaii. Time seems to stand still. But based on a number of indicators, I feel that this is week 4 of my fundraiser and that means you need … Continue reading

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Duke Kahanamoku

You are probably familiar with this statue at the beach in Waikiki. But who was Duke Kahanamoku? Duke hit the scene in 1912 when he easily made the Olympic swim team, repping the Kingdom of Hawaii. Over the next 3 … Continue reading

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I work hard for the money

I have kind of lost track of time…. is this week 3? 4? It feels like week 95. And I feel 95. This week I took on a special request personal challenge to walk 5 miles a day. And. It. … Continue reading

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Gearing up!

So, we finally got a few donations for Legal Donkey! The Donkey refuge, West Coast Law, and I are very happy to have raised $131. Thank you for your generous support, thus far! We have only $19 to go and … Continue reading

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Lazzzzzy days

Hi Team, I’m 1 week into my fundraiser and there is good news and bad news. The good news is no one has donated to my fundraiser yet – so I don’t have to do any of the challenges! The … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

When I was a child, I thought moms were the most amazing thing. They knew how to cook and sew and garden and drive cars. They could spell and knew weird things, like what a dog year was or where … Continue reading

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