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How long has it been?

I’ve missed you. Have you missed me? Where have I been? What have I been doing? I’ve been here, in my living room. I am waiting for the pandemic to wash over us and fade into the distant corners of … Continue reading

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The Cleanse

So I am undertaking the challenge of going on a cleanse. I know that doesn’t sound too daunting. But this isn’t some 2 days “cleanse” of just drinking carrot juice. This one is intense. It’s 3 weeks of: No Wheat … Continue reading

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Sugar-free sadness

Holy smokes! I have been busting my butt for these donkeys and it feels great! This week with the help of generous souls, we unlocked the 30 Day AB Challenge. Since I am currently in the middle of the 30 … Continue reading

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Cupcakes to the rescue!

I’m holding a Cupcake Day party for National Cupcake Dayâ„¢ for SPCAs & Humane Societies on Monday, February 27! It’s going to be a scrumptious event with irresistible treats that will help raise awareness and urgently-needed funds to support animals … Continue reading

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“Taco” fest

I attended Tacofest 2016 in Burnaby yesterday. To summarize the entire event in one word: DISAPOINTING. The weather was perfect. I got to hang out with some great friends. See some bands. Play with my son on the lush green … Continue reading

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Toddler eats

Koa just had a taste of my fried puffed gluten and was all “MMMMMMmmmmmmmm!” and he proceeded to eat more and more and more until there was nothing left for me. On one hand: Great! Eat it up! Get big … Continue reading

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No-Bake Energy Bites

Hanger happens to the best of us sometimes, we get so hungry we snap at our loved ones and generally make really poor decisions before melting into a puddle of emotions and finally succumbing to eating 6 hamburgers and an entire … Continue reading

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Happy Fat!

So, as a last minute addition to our Father’s Day fun – I decided to go out and grab a cake. The cake shop was totally packed with a million idiots doing the same thing as me. The workers were … Continue reading

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Tip of the week: bag-free!

Just say no to that plastic bag! Most of us already know about bringing a reusable bag or basket to the grocery store. Many stores will even credit you a few cents to promote this good behaviour. But sometimes we … Continue reading

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Caramel Melts

A super simple snack to make when you need (need!) a pan of sweet treats. You will need: 1/2c butter 2c brown sugar dash of vanilla 2 eggs 1 and 1/2c flour You will also need: an hour, a bowl, … Continue reading

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