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Lynn’s Reviews: Nike Fastback

Lynn’s Reviews: News you can use! I got a new swimsuit: The Nike Color Surge Fastback Tank One Piece. The actual name is just a lot of fancy words to say “Swimsuit for swimming”. I have plenty of suits for … Continue reading

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How long has it been?

I’ve missed you. Have you missed me? Where have I been? What have I been doing? I’ve been here, in my living room. I am waiting for the pandemic to wash over us and fade into the distant corners of … Continue reading

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The first 5

So…. I know you donated to my 5K run for the Guide Dogs of BC and Alberta, yet you are left wondering if I actually went through with it. For all you non-metric, US readers, 5K translates to 3.1 miles. … Continue reading

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Eating Journal

I feel (and look) like I’ve gained 10,000 lbs over the past couple weeks. So I have decided to get back into my good eating habits. Or at least get rid of some of my terrible ones. I don’t “diet” … Continue reading

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Protected: How many farms does a non-farmer need?

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Peace not presents for all Hey y’all, As many of you know we will be heading off to the Philippines soon for a family reunion. out exactly my family, but I have been invited and I think it’s important for Koa to spend time … Continue reading

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Calm your face down

  As you may know, I have total garbage skin. It’s probably from a combination of stress, all the sunshine, and poor diet. But whatever the issue, I have been told that this Chamomile-Oatmeal face mask will be the solution … Continue reading

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Dry Brushing

The number one questions I have gotten regarding the Cleanse has been: What is Dry Brushing? Well, actually, the top questions are: 1- Are you crazy? and 2- What will you eat? But the number one non-idiotic question is: What … Continue reading

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The Cleanse

So I am undertaking the challenge of going on a cleanse. I know that doesn’t sound too daunting. But this isn’t some 2 days “cleanse” of just drinking carrot juice. This one is intense. It’s 3 weeks of: No Wheat … Continue reading

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Plane panties

You know when you are on an airplane for long enough that you just feel DONE? Done with travel. Done with hauling luggage all across planet earth. Done with airplane food. Done with timezones. Done with the person sitting behind … Continue reading

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