This donkey loves to exercise

Time has no meaning anymore.
That’s what happens when I am in Hawaii. Time seems to stand still. But based on a number of indicators, I feel that this is week 4 of my fundraiser and that means you need an update.

I successfully did my 5 miles of walking per day for 5 days and earned that personal challenge donation.

We also raised enough to unlock the 30-Day Cardio Challenge. I am on about day 6 and so far it’s been…. bearable. Koa helps by excitedly jumping up and down each time I do the daily tasks of Bear Crawls, Pyro Jacks, Running in Place, or whatever else is on order for the day.

And today is Day 1 of the No-Sugar Diet… which will extend throughout all of June and so far has gone well. 1 out of 30 – check!

Then, July 1st, I will be running for 2 km. Which doesn’t sound like much, but it will be a killer if I don’t at least practice a couple times first. Quick! Somebody set an exercise alarm reminding me to practice for the July 1 run.

There have been some very generous donors pushing me to do all this.

I can do all of this, I know I can.
I just have to remember to do all this each day.

And with just another $19 to be raised, I’ll be doing another 30-Day Ab Challenge, as well.

So, come on… who wants to see me get ripped? It’s only $19 and 30 days away!

You can make a donation, get all the details, and check out my challenges right here:

My lazy butt, retired donkeys, and, the Pacific west coast all thank you for your love and support.

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Duke Kahanamoku

You are probably familiar with this statue at the beach in Waikiki.
But who was Duke Kahanamoku?

Duke hit the scene in 1912 when he easily made the Olympic swim team, repping the Kingdom of Hawaii.
Over the next 3 summer Olympics, Duke earned 5 medals as a freestyle swimmer.
After completing his time with the Olympics, Duke continued to tour the world giving swimming exhibitions. He used these swimming exhibitions to incorporate surfing and brought this Hawaiian Sport of Kings to the international community. But he also was an international ambassador for Hawaii and the aloha spirit.

He first brought surfing to SoCal in 1912. He acted as an extra in many Californian films, and then used his connections to effectively publicize the sport of surfing.

Duke holds well deserved spots in the Swimming Hall of Fame, Surfing Hall of Fame, AND the US Olympic Hall of Fame. Duke is considered by most to be the father of modern day surfing, and that also earned him a spot in my heart.

And now, 100 years following his double gold medal success in Antwerp 1920 , surfing will be introduced for the first time to the Olympics.
2020 in Tokyo will be historic. And it’s all thanks to Duke and his amazing legacy.


Duke Kahanamoku, the father of modern day surfing. This is a statue of him on Waikiki Bach, Oahu welcoming people to the beach

He was famous for his Aloha

He is honored with leis, especially during events and festivals.


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I work hard for the money

I have kind of lost track of time…. is this week 3? 4?
It feels like week 95.
And I feel 95.

This week I took on a special request personal challenge to walk 5 miles a day.
And. It. Is. TERRIBLE.
My feet, knees, hips, and back are killing me.
How did I used to walk this much everyday?
How do other people walk this much all the time?!

The first day I walked to and up the Diamond Head. The incline challenge, scenery, and being in a volcano made it totally worthwhile.
The second day I walked to the Art on the Fence, the aquarium, and my friend’s house. All fun destinations I enjoyed.
The third day I walked along the canal, the “Lei of Parks”, and the Moana Surfrider. And got a huge blister.

But now I’m running low on:
pain tolerance
confidence (Koa keeps pointing at my foot and saying “Ewwwww!”)

I don’t know if I promised to walk every day for a week or for just five days in a row – but I’m really hoping it was only five days.
Can you believe my challenger originally proposed 5 miles a day FOR A MONTH?! I would have even considered it if I didn’t have surfing/hit training/swimming and all the other things too!… like a job and a kid.

Either I’m gonna be super fit or super dead by the end of this.
If you wanted me to do a special request challenge – ask me now before I die from exhaustion/joint deterioration.
Wait. Can you die from that?
I’ll let you know if it happens to me.

And all this why?
Because I LOVE animals. And I LOVE the environment. And we need to help take care of it.

I’m doing all this to show you how much I care, so you’ll give me your hard earned dollars. I do not just expect you to hand it over. I will happily work for it.
Well…. “happily”.

So please consider a donation of at least $3 Canadian dollars right here:

You can also get details about the charities and my other fitness challenges on the donation page.

If you want to donate less, or in another way, or make a special challenge request please let me know at

I’m almost 10% of the way to my donation goal, so please make my eventual walking related death worth it.

Mahalo <3


Here are some pictures of our adventure destinations:

The neighbourhood ^

The canal ^

The aquarium ^

The Art on the fence ^

The Diamond Head Crater ^

The Moana Surfrider ^

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Gearing up!

So, we finally got a few donations for Legal Donkey!
The Donkey refuge, West Coast Law, and I are very happy to have raised $131. Thank you for your generous support, thus far!
We have only $19 to go and Liz and I will be giving up sugar for all of June.
$369 to go and Zoe and I will be doing the AB challenge!
Plus all the other challenges I have committed to doing.

I have been swimming everyday to get in gear for the challenges, but also eating every popsicle in sight because I know I might be giving them up for June.

My fitbit is charged, my runners are broken in, and I’m ready to work for your dollars!

Here is a preview of me working hard for your money, because I know I’ll be doing the AB challenge sometime this summer:

“This is what I see when I exercise all day for you.
Sit-ups, a million sit-ups every day.
Today I’m supposed to do 325.
No problem.
I’m already at 63”

If you want to support me, the donkeys in need, and/or environmental legal aid, please make a donation to our fundraising page here, or contact us for info on other ways to donate or support at

If you want to join me for a challenge, please let me know and I’ll get you all the details.

Love the support and hope it continues to ramp up <3

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Lazzzzzy days

Hi Team,

I’m 1 week into my fundraiser and there is good news and bad news.

The good news is no one has donated to my fundraiser yet – so I don’t have to do any of the challenges!
The bad news is…. no one has donated to my fundraiser yet – so I am still fat and lazy and I haven’t helped the Donkeys or the Environment at all.

I have decided to accept personalized challenges. So, for example, if a resident of Hawaii donates to my fundraiser (any amount) I will walk 11,000 for a week straight!

I can do it! I WILL do it! I will provide photographic evidence and probably write whinny comments about it on social media.
Sounds fun, right?!

So let me know what you want me to achieve! OR Let me know if you want to do any of the challenges with me.

The lovely Elizabeth Gordon has agreed to walk up Wall Centre with me and give up sugar for all of June, and Lindsay is giving up drinks…..but only if make our donation target goals!

If you want more info on the amazing charities or crazy challenges I’ve posted, please let me know. I’m happy to provide tons of additional info.

If you are unable to support, but just want to follow the fun – please check out the Legal Donkey Fundraiser FaceBook page:

And my journey will be moving to Hawaii next week for the rest of May, so get engaged with the fundraiser and check out all the pics of me trying to exercise in 95 degree tropical paradise.

Every little bit helps, so please make a donation of $3 or more. If you want to make a donation of less than $3 or prefer to donate offline, please contact me to let me know and we will work it out.

I look forward to seeing my first donation come in. And remember, I have piles of fun thank you gifts at my house waiting to be sent out to you!

Much love to you all from the beautiful Pacific Ocean

Lynn <3

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

When I was a child, I thought moms were the most amazing thing. They knew how to cook and sew and garden and drive cars.
They could spell and knew weird things, like what a dog year was or where oil came from.
They were geniuses that could solve every problem.
What a bummer it was to grow up and discover moms are just regular dumbasses like me doing the best they can.

Being a mom is tough. It’s stressful trying to keep someone alive and hoping you aren’t totally screwing them up. Nobody is perfect, but I always want to thank moms for doing the best they could given their particular strengths and circumstances.

As Mother’s day nears, I know this is a bittersweet time for lots of people. Some people don’t have moms, or don’t like their moms, or have complicated relationships with their moms.
But Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about just one person in your life, it can be about all moms. So let your frazzled friend know she’s doing a good job, buy your Grandma some flowers, or tell your godmother she’s cool.

This year I’ll be sending out a bunch of love to the moms I know. And I hope you do the same. It doesn’t have to be much, just be a card or a small gift. Or even a phone call or text to tell them they are neat. It will mean lots to them. I promise.

If you need a simple DIY gift idea, try making her this natural sugar scrub. It’s simple, vegan, affordable, all natural, moisturizing, and environmentally sound:

You will need:

A jar with a lid ( like an 8oz canning mason jar)
1 cup white sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
A couple drops of Vitamin E

Mix ingredients together well with a spoon and then jam into the jar.

For jazzier results, try adding a drop of food colouring or a couple drops of a great smelling essential oil.
And slap on a bow.
Gift ready!

I hope your Mother’s Day isn’t just another day of washing dishes and cleaning up barf.

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Legal Donkey Fundraiser

Hey y’all!
Welcome to my amazing summer fundraiser!
This year, I have decided to create my own fundraiser so I could choose charities that really reflect my passions and actively engage in ways that will keep me motivated – and keep you entertained.

I have chosen two charities that you can pick from (or you can choose both!):

TURTLE VALLEY DONKEY REFUGE SOCIETY is an amazing farm in Chase, BC that takes in abused, unwanted, or neglected donkeys and keeps them happy and healthy on the farm for the rest of their lives. It’s truly inspiring to see how much these people are doing for these sweet animals. If only we would all be so caring towards each and every one of our animal friends.

If you want to learn more, please check out their website, it is so heartwarming to see the care, love, and respect these animals are given. Also – there are loads of adorable pictures!

WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW , based in Vancouver, BC is a legal champion for the environment. They work hard to create a just and sustainable society where citizens are empowered to protect the environment and environmental protection is enshrined in law.

As a social and legal justice enthusiast, I have always held a special place in my heart for fighting for those who are unable to protect themselves, like animals and our beautiful planet.

Check out their website to see everything they are really doing to help and the areas they specialize in (like marine conservation and environmental legal aid)

//———-//———-//———-// Donate Now//———–//———–//———–

Neither of these organizations are government funded, so your donations really do mean so very much to them (and to me).

This fundraiser is a way for me to give back to causes that matter to me, a way to connect with my friends and supporters, and really spread some light in what can sometimes be a cold dark world. It means more that words can say to see the huge outpouring of love and support from each and every one of you.

And this year, instead of doing some crummy old 1 km stroll, I’ve arranged a bunch of killer personal challenges that donors can unlock. Here are the details.

Now, whether you want to donate for a good cause, or just to see me suffer. No judgement. It’s the summer of fitness for me. And I’m counting on you to make it happen!

If you make a donation, please be sure to send me a message at with your email address and shipping info so I can get you those thank you gifts and updates. I’ll also be posting to our Facebook page so be sure to check in there for pictures and updates along the way.

If you have any questions at all about the charities, my fundraising, the challenges, tax receipts, donating offline, or anything else at all, please shoot me an email at

If you are ready to donate, you can do so here:

I’ll be running this fundraiser until Aug 31 or until I die, whichever comes first. So strap in, the summer of fitness and  fundraising is starting!

Much love to you all,


Donate now!

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Legal Donkey Challenges

I want to Donate Now!

This year, instead of doing some crummy old 1 km stroll or whatever, I’ve arranged a bunch of challenges that donors can unlock.
Here are the details:

Challenge #1 – every donation of any amount unlocks a thank you gift and monthly posts with updates letting you know how the fundraising/challenges are going. See pictures of adorable animals interspersed with pictures of me dying during my challenges. Fun!

Challenge #2Unlocked! 10 donations of any amount unlocks a personal challenge in which I will jog for 2 km on July 1st.
I am scared of this one because I haven’t gone for a run since last September, and I may not even remember how.
But I know there are a few of you out there who are hoping I’ll get back into running, so this is your big chance to make that happen!

Challenge #3Unlocked! $150 raised and I will go on a no sugar diet for all of June. The big hearted Elizabeth Gordon has also agreed to engage in this challenge with me!
I know this might not seem like a big deal, but NO POPSICLES on hot summer days?! Rough stuff!

Challenge #4Unlocked! $300 raised will get me to do a 30-day Cardio Challenge.
I have a fun app that creates 30-day challenges for me…. well “fun” might not be the right word.
My cardio is atrocious, so please do me the favour of unlocking this challenge.

Challenge #5 – $500 raised for will get me to do a 30-Day Ab Challenge.
My trainer thinks I have a great core, so let’s put it to the test! I promise you before and after pictures.

Challenge #6 – $750 raised will get me and Liz Gordon to climb the Wall Centre.
That’s 48 flights, the 4th tallest building in Vancouver!

Challenge #7 – $1000 raised will get me to run 1 mile every day in August.
You have no idea how much this scares me. One mile. Every day.
Again, a great incentive for those who want to see me lace up the old runners again!

Challenge #8 – $1500 raised will get me and Liz to drive out to the Donkey Refuge in Chase (5 hrs away) and get you loads of pictures of Koa meeting the Donkeys!

If you make a donation, please be sure to send me a message at with your email address and shipping info so I can get you those thank you gifts and updates.

If you are ready to whip me into shape by helping to unlock some challenges, you can do so now right here:

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I’m back!

Hi there.

It’s been a while.

I’ve missed you.

So what the heck have I been doing all this time?
Well, a lot of working and being a toddler’s mom. But here and there I found pockets of time for other things too. I stopped writing you for a bit because I was entertaining the idea that I might start a podcast.
But let’s face it – I have no energy to start a new venture. And nobody wants to listen to my weird puppet voice yammer on. So I’ve decided to keep entertaining you (my 3 dedicated readers) in our tried and true fashion.

Here’s what you missed out on since I’ve been gone:

1- I was invited to join a Fat Club
I found this to be one of the most wildly insulting things that has ever happened to me.
I seriously got a Facebook invite to join FAT CLUB VANCOUVER.
This group focuses on embracing their bodies in a positive way and doing fun social activities as a group.
And though I am currently overweight I DO NOT see myself as fat. I think of myself as chunky, or curvy, or thick, or sturdy.

I cannot believe someone would invite me to join such a group. Seriously, how rude is it to send someone a FB invite to join such a club? And how horrible is it, that since it’s facebook, they used my friends list to suggest people I could invite to the join the group. Looking at that list broke my heart – what if those friends could see that?

The Fat Club members seemed to bond over things like their thyroid disorders, doctors telling them to consider surgery, the inability to wear horizontal stripes, the confidence they lack to try sports, or the bullying they endured as children. I have no experience with any of these things and cannot relate.
Being fat is fine and I have no issue with it, but I do not identify with this segment of people.
At first, being considered someone who would join a Fat Group made me really sad. I starting doubting myself, I mean, I already go to the gym 4x a week…. did I need to up that to 17x a week? I don’t have time for that!

But then I remembered… Why be sad when you can be MAD.
Screw you, Fat Club. I’m not fat. I’m not joining your club, and I hope FB shuts you down…for being offensive to me.

2- I went on a no-sugar diet
I have been a sugar monster my whole life and decided that instead of getting a bunch of diabetes, I would try cutting it out.
I mean, not all together. I would still eat fruit, or that crappy peanut butter I like that is 30% sugar, but no more chocolate bars, cake, ice-cream, soda etc.
I was aiming for 30 days… and it was 10 before I slipped up. I went to my mother in laws house and ate a bunch of old christmas cookies she still had sitting around.

I was both surprised and disappointed with myself for breaking my diet, especially since the cookies weren’t even good. Yes, they were 3 months old, but that wasn’t it. About a week later I had a reese’s peanut butter cup and was shocked at how gross it tasted to me.
So after about 3 weeks, I realized my tastes had changed a little. Cheap gas station chocolates were disgusting and donuts from the stop ‘n shop held no appeal.
I realized I no longer wanted cheap sugar, but high end fancy sugar in small quantities, like luxury restaurant pastries or a sliver of vegan chocolate.
I had broken free from the sugar monster and it felt great!
I lost zero weight, but my skin cleared up a little.
Now I am back to the sugar, but at a much more reasonable rate that I was previously.
Overall, moderate success!

3- I vowed not to get murdered

As you may know, I have always been into Criminology, but recently started listening to ALL the true crime podcasts.
All this really did was remind me that while I was in University, I was completely stressed out all the time at the prospect of becoming the victim of crime. And now that feeling was returning, compounded by the fact that this was no longer a concern over general crime, but over the fact that I was sure I was going to be murdered.
I’m no dummy and I know what general steps to take to not get murdered…. like don’t hitchhike or take candy from strangers and remember to lock your door.

The main thing I took away from this was I had to get more in shape so when the murderer comes for me (because he will) I will be able to try to kill him right back.
This felt like a good way to take control of my fate and assert my feminist equality goals at the same time.
So I started going to the gym 4x a week and focused more on power moves like my roundhouse, back kick, elbow, and hammer fist.
I also have armed myself with pepper spray, a pen weapon, and tiger claws.
When that killer comes for me, he’s in for an unpleasant surprise!

4- I am experimenting with salty armpits
I’m not an overly sweaty or smelly person. But after 23 years of not using deodorant or antiperspirant, I realized I might be able to try a little harder with my personal hygiene.
So I got a Himalayan Salt Rock to rub on after the shower.
It doesn’t irritate my underarms like I thought it would and I have been surprised at how well it works.
I first thought there is no way this all natural hippy salt will work to keep me fresh and clean, but then came to the realization that the salt will certainly work better than the NOTHING I have been using up until this point.
And it does.
Success with this all natural, vegan, affordable alternative!

A bunch of other stuff probably happened too.
But I can’t remember what it was right now.
Once, I do – you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Love you forever,

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Cupcakes for all!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported my little Cupcake Party for the SPCA.

Whether you came out for cupcakes, made an online donation, lent me a baking pan, gave me an icing recipe, encouraged me to make the cupcakes instead of buying pre-made ones, or helped keep Koa from stealing all the cupcakes off the counter…..
Thank you so much to everyone for helping me raise a whopping $450 for the BC SPCA!
I’ve indicated that the money should go to the most needy branch of the SPCA, so it probably won’t stay in Richmond, but instead the money will go somewhere more rural.

Here is a quick rundown of how your donation helps the SPCA care for animals in need:

$10 provides an enrichment toy for a cat which assists in their behavioural development

$30 provides bales of hay to feed the farm animals in our care

$40 microchips a cat or dog to ensure that they always find their way home

$50 subsidizes the emergency boarding costs of the animals of victims of domestic violence

$100 provides warm bedding, heat pads and lamps to keep a puppy warm

$200 subsidizes medical treatment for an injured dog or cat

$500 keeps an Inspector on the road fighting cruelty for two days

I probably won’t have another cupcake party any time soon, because it really did a number on my “no sugar” diet.
The cupcakes were dairy-free, but still delicious enough to know they were far from healthy!
I guess if you are going to have a cheat day, might as well eat 5 cupcakes topped with buttercream icing, sprinkles, and reeces pieces, and animal crackers!

A big thank you to each and every one of you for your support <3

And stay tuned for my next adventurous endeavour!

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