“Taco” fest

I attended Tacofest 2016 in Burnaby yesterday.
To summarize the entire event in one word:

The weather was perfect. I got to hang out with some great friends. See some bands. Play with my son on the lush green grass in the middle of the stadium.

So what was there to complain about?

Well, specifically the taco aspect of Tacofest… or lack thereof.

The event was scheduled from noon until 10pm and we arrived at 5:30. Smack dab in the middle of the event and prime taco eating time.

However, of the THREE taco vendors at the event:

-One was sold out and shut down
-One was seriously overpriced and fish only
-One had a line over an hour long

Standing in line for an hour with a toddler is not an option (seriously, an hour – people were sitting on chairs in the lineup which stretched across the whole stadium) .
So I got a $6 “veggie” taco from the overpriced fish place.
Their veggie tacos were the fish taco, sans fish. Just tomato and corn.

I wouldn’t refer to this Festival as Tacofest. Not even a little bit.

There were a few other good things to eat, like mini doughnuts and fresh lemonade. But this wasn’t supposed to be Lemonadefest 2016.

By 7pm they were announcing that all the vendors were almost out of food. So instead of restocking or having any sort of back up plan, it was all a big SCREW YOU to anyone who arrived after 4pm that day.

On the way to the event I joked that it might just be a TacoTime stand and we laughed and laughed.
I would have happily eaten TacoTime instead of attending this Festival.

As a member of the Taco Police Task Force, I deem this event a crime against tacos.


A really poorly managed event.

Why weren’t popular vendors like Tacofino, Budgie’s Burritos, and Chronic Tacos there?

Disappointment all around, I won’t be back next year, and I want my $16 entrance fee back.

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Citrus Lemonade

The very best lemonade you will ever have the pleasure of tasting!

I stumbled upon this recipe because I was being cheap.
I think lemons are totally overpriced and was looking for a cheaper way to stretch my lemonade budget.
Enter: the Orange.

I decided to go for a tasty experiment. I bought the standard bag of lemons, a couple big oranges, and then thought was the heck, I love limes, so best not to leave those out.

The result, an amazing citrus lemonade!

What you will need:

6 lemons
2 oranges
3 limes
1 cup sweetener
10 cups water

How to do it:

Begin by boiling half the water in a saucepan

While you wait, start halving the citrus and juicing the heck out of ’em.
I just leave the pulp and everything in. Yum!

Once the water boils, stir in the sweetener til it dissolves.
Remove from heat and let cool

Pour citrus juice into juice pitcher or carafe
Stir in sweetened water and remaining cups of water

Refrigerate til cool
Serve over ice.


citrus lemonade

Pro tip: I recently invested in a $4 juicer which had made my life 100x easier.

My kid has been guzzling this lemonade, so I now have to drink it in secret!

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Paws for a Cause


Hi everybody!

If you know me at all, you know that I am huge animal lover and, once again, I will be walking the walk.

First off, I would like to give a huge thank you to all my past supporters. Your support over the past 5 years really makes participating in the walk more meaningful and loads more fun!

The walk is on September 11th. And I’m excited to say that Koa will be joining me again this year!

You can jump on over to support us right here:

Donations and thanks

The purpose of this annual event is to raise much needed funds for the care and protection of animals across the province of BC.
All animals.
The BC SPCA helps look after all our furry little friends – including wild and farm animals – because they know all kinds of animals are important.

Established in 1895, the BC SPCA is a not-for-profit organization that receives no government funding and is entirely reliant upon community support and generous donors like you.

Each year the BC SPCA provides emergency medical care and sheltering for over 40,000 animals that may have been abandoned, abused, neglected, or surrendered.

This annual walk funds most of the BC SPCAs operations.
The BC SPCA is the only animal welfare agency with the mandate and authority to respond to complaints of animal cruelty in B.C.

Last year, the BC SPCA conducted 10,205 new cruelty investigations. Which is over a thousand up from the previous year.
The Paws for a Cause walk helps fund cruelty investigations and, more importantly, helps to prevent cruelty before it occurs through legislation, education, and awareness.

Please support me, and the BC SPCA, by supporting me on the walk this year.

Don’t be shy if you can’t afford tons of bucks. Every little bit helps.
Even a single dollar will work to educate one student through the “Kindness Counts” curriculum helping to stop the cycle of abuse by teaching empathy.

This organization works hard to streamline its admin and overhead costs.
80% of the funds raised goes directly towards services for animals. With the other 20% going to admin and revenue development.

Ways you can support the cause:

-Make a donation!
Register for the walk!
-You can walk with us!
-You can volunteer to help out at a walk location near you!

If you can’t afford anything and are too lazy to walk, but still want to help out you can:

-Share my donation page!
-Spread the word about the walk!
-Spread the word about the SPCA and the good work they do!
-Teach people about animal welfare!

Thank you so much for all your support!

Here is the link if you would like to make a donation to support us and the animals:

Lynn & Koa walk the Walk

Anyone who makes a donation to my walk will get a fun present from me in the mail! And donations over $20 will get a tax receipt from the BCSPCA.

If you want to learn more about the walk, the SPCA, animal welfare, ways to help, or my fundraising efforts, please feel free to get a hold of me:



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Lavender lemonade

Don’t let headaches or anxiety ruin your summer!
Keep your troubles away naturally (and deliciously) with this tasty and soothing bev.

  • 1 cup sugar (agave or honey will also work)
  • 5 cups water
  • 1/4 cup dried lavender (or 1 drop lavender essential oil)
  • 5 lemons, juiced (about 1 cup of juice)

-Boil half the water.
-Remove water from heat and add sugar and lavender, stir til dissolved.
-Cover and let sit anywhere from 20 mins to 4 hours so the lavender can infuse.
-Strain into large container (like a juice pitcher).
-Stir in lemon juice and remaining water.
-Adjust to taste.
-Pour over ice before serving.

lav-lem2 I know you think lavender tastes gross, like fancy soap or some old lady’s perfume. But in this case, the lemon totally overpowers the lavender taste, resulting in straight up: Yum!

Why bother with lavender lemonade?
Because anxiety is a hugely prevalent mental health issue.

And even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, you probably get a headache now and then.
We don’t always want to be rushing to the doctor or drugstore. Especially when there are effective, affordable, natural steps you can take to fight off anxiety and headaches.

Lavender is an aromatic herb that calms the senses. And lavender oil possesses a whole host of other amazing properties: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifier, hypotensive, and sedative.

Lavender oil benefits those with headaches, hangovers, sinus congestion and provides pain relief.

So, if you ever have any of these issues, stir up a tasty pitcher of Lavender Lemonade!


And if you need some lavender to execute this yummy creation, I have loads, so hit me up and I’ll get it to you!

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Saving Dory



Meet the beautiful Royal Blue Tang. This stunning fish is known by many names: palette surgeonfish, paracanthurus, powder blue tang, hippo tang, blue surgeonfish, regal tang, blue tang.

The Blue Tang is found throughout the world and is fairly common.
It’s even common in the aquarium trade, though it’s consider a “fragile” fish. The Tang easily becomes ill, prone to parasitic infections and lateral line disease.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the Disney movie “Finding Dory” could mean absolute disaster for this fragile and beautiful species.

The upcoming movie release on June 17th will mean every kid aged 3-12 will be wanting a Blue Tang.
Just as during Easter, every kid wants a bunny.
If this sounds silly to you, think back to finding Nemo in 2003, there was a huge boom of Clownfish sales.

Back then it was fair easy for suppliers and petshops to meet the demand as Clownfish can be bred in tanks.
However, the Tang cannot be bred in captivity and must be caught in the wild.

This means their numbers could be decimated by this fleeting but overwhelming new interest in the fish and that also means trouble for aquatic ecosystems.
The Tang is important for coral health as it eats algae that may otherwise choke it by overgrowth.


It’s important to teach kids responsible pet guardianship.

It’s a big responsibility to care for a pet.
Any pet.
It means cleaning, feeding, research, vet appointments, and a whole host of other aspects you never even thought of.

If a captive Tang survives its ineveitable bout with marine ich, it can grow to be happy and healthy.
And aggressive.
Tangs aren’t supposed to be in the same tank as other types of fish and they need a large tank with lots of room to swim.
Also, the Tang feeds constantly and needs a very specific herbivore diet that contains Spirulina Algae.

If you are not prepared to handle this fish properly, do not get one.

Getting a pet because of a fad is not a good idea. If your child is too young to understand this concept, YOU need to understand the concept.

The Tang as a pet is not a responsible choice.

It’s not fair to individual animal, to the Tangs as an entire species, or to the environment they came from.

If your kids are crazy for Dory and really want to show their love, please buy them a super cute stuffed Dory they can cuddle at night. 
Not a sad fish in a tank that probably won’t last a month.



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Toddler eats

Koa just had a taste of my fried puffed gluten and was all “MMMMMMmmmmmmmm!”

and he proceeded to eat more and more and more until there was nothing left for me.

On one hand:
Great! Eat it up! Get big and strong! Diversify your palate.

On the other hand:
Damn it! That little brat just ate all my delicious gluten!

I sometimes wish he didn’t have such good (and expensive) taste.
I don’t always want to be sharing my gluten, avocado sushi, ice cream, toast, raspberries, water chestnuts, and grapefruit. Sometimes I want that tasty goodness just for myself!

Do you ever wish your kids would just stick to their own gross old gruel… or whatever children are supposed to eat?

Gluten = mommy

Gruel = Babies


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Tip of the Week: Sorting

Tip of the week

I used to really resent all the steps in recycling.
Rinse out the container, remove the lid, remove the label, flatten, put in proper receptacle, etc.
None of these steps are really that hard, but it just seemed as though it was counterintuitive. I mean, if you want people to recycle, you should make it easier for them, not harder. Right?

But there is a reason for all the steps behind recycling….And it’s not just to annoy you.
It’s important to separate the pieces properly (which includes removing the cap from bottles, not putting recyclables into a bag, and avoiding nestling) because many containers are all made of different materials.

So you may have a glass bottle, but the lid could be metal with a rubber ring.
If those materials are not properly sorted, the end buyer of materials will return them to the recycling plant as “rejected” because the pallet of #5 plastics delivered to them has 30% of other materials mixed in.

Meaning they can’t use the raw product to downcycle* or recycle (eg: make railroad ties from plastic bottles). If the plastic bottles being recycled are covered with bits of paper, it would reduce the quality of the material and undermine the efforts of those trying to reuse those products.

Of all the recyclable materials we throw out, approximately 40% make it to the recycling plant and FIVE PERCENT actually get recycled.
So do what you can to help, will ya? Take off that darn label and remove that lid.

The city has already have provided the recycling plant, the bins, the pickup service, and the steps on how to do your part.

So please just do it.


But if you are moaning about how you can’t possibly be bothered, there is an easier way.

The easiest way to reduce your impact on the environment is to reduce.

Wanting less, needing less, using less, consuming less.

In North America, we generally have so much more than we could every possibly need. It’s very fortunate.

And very wasteful.

The best way to curb your impact on the environment is to just stop buying. You will get a different sort of satisfaction from not consuming. Saving money. Helping the environment. Making a responsible decision.

So if you don’t want to recycle, that’s fine. Just don’t produce anything to be recycled in the first place.



  • If you’re confused about recycling, upcycling, and downcycling, you can get more easy to understand info from Greenpare
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No-Bake Energy Bites

Hanger happens to the best of us sometimes, we get so hungry we snap at our loved ones and generally make really poor decisions before melting into a puddle of emotions and finally succumbing to eating 6 hamburgers and an entire cheesecake.
But hanger but can be warded off and better decision can be made by having a hearty snack on hand.
There are plenty of recipes floating about for how to make a great energy bites (or balls), but I am sorta lazy, so I found a great one that doesn’t require a food processor or any baking.
Welcome to Peanut Butter Energy Bites.
A super simple (and super delicious) recipe!

Mix together well:
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1/2 cup dark , dairy-free chocolate chips (or flakes)
1/2 cup chia seed
1/2 cup all natural peanut butter
1/3 cup raw honey

Form into balls. This recipe makes 12.

Put into fridge until ready to eat (well wrapped and they’ll keep in fridge for 2 weeks, freezer for 1 month)

Alternatives and substitutions

Vegan: use coconut or agave nectar instead of honey

Peanut allergy: Use a tree nut butter instead of peanut butter

Canadian: Use Maple Syrup instead of the honey

Poor: Use rolled oats in place of the chia (or an oat/chia combo)

Keep in mind these are not supposed to be eaten all at once as a snack.

But that can be hard to avoid as they are delicious! (even my toddler agrees).

Enjoy your hangry-free energy!


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Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day everyone!

This is a great day to think about our planet and how you can help keep it beautiful.

Take this quiz to see how Green you are (or are not…).
The top scores will get a special gift from me!

Going green doesn’t have to be big sweeping changes, it can be small adjustments that add up to make a big difference.

Try starting one new habit today that will help.

Whether you got a good score on the quiz or not, below are some easy tips you can do to help keep our planet happy and healthy!

Here is a list of 40 easy ideas that Mother Earth will approve of, how many do you already do?

-Only run a full load of dishes or laundry
-Hang dry your clothes
-Wash your clothes in cold water
-Go vegetarian or vegan
-Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
-Shower less frequently
-Use a reusable water bottle
-Buy local
-Buy used
-Don’t buy at all
-Donate used items
-Turn the thermostat down just one degree
-Turn the thermostat off when at leaving the house
-Turn off the airconditioner
-Turn off your computer at night
-Keep your fireplace damper closed
-Recycle paper, glass, cans, or anything else you don’t already
-Put up a “no junk mail” sign on your mailbox
-Use matches instead of lighters
-Skip the plastic straw in drinks
-Stop getting paper bills and bank statements
-Pay your bills online
-Unplug electronics and applicances that you are not using
-Switch to LED bulbs
-Bike/walk to work, school, or when running errands
-Take public transport
-Take fewer flights
-Take the train
-Use an e-ticket instead of a paper ticket for travel, concerets, and events
-Buy in Bulk
-Bring your own bag when shopping
-Avoid purchasing items containing Palm Oil
-Stop using K-cups or coffee pods
-Avoid excess packaging
-Plant a tree (or 50)
-Avoid using pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers
-Donate to an environmental cause
-Write a letter to your congressman, MP, or editor about an environmental issue you are passionate about



Here is a happy Earth song (or poem) for you:

Earth is our home, what a beautiful home.
We love our beautiful home.
Earth is our home and wherever we roam,
we know Earth is our home.

Flowers grow tall, insects so small,
we love our beautiful home.
Songbirds that sing, fit for a king,
we know Earth is our home.
Oceans so blue, oh what a view,
we love our beautiful home.
Trees touch the sky, clouds float on by,
we know Earth is our home.

Earth is our home, what a beautiful home.
We love our beautiful home.
Earth is our home and wherever we roam,
we know Earth is our home.

Ice on the sea with a walrus or three,
we love our beautiful home.
Deserts so dry, weeds tumble by,
we know Earth is our home.
Snow on the ground, hush not a sound,
We love our beautiful home.
Rivers so wide, with turtles inside,
we know earth is our home.

Earth is our home, what a beautiful home.
We love our beautiful home.
Earth is our home and wherever we roam,
we know Earth is our home.


Earth heart

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